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Donald Trump Would Love To Run Against Michael Bloomberg

by Sinisav

CNN – 02/03/2020: Donald Trump loves feuds. The one he looks to jump-start now is with Democrat presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg. The former New York Mayor entered the race for Democratic candidates in November. Since then, he fueled the campaign with his millions, which he invested in advertising. Both he and POTUS had ads during the Superbowl.

Trump doesn’t seem intimidated by another billionaire candidate, as he stated on Fox News that he would love to run against Bloomberg. Of course, Donald didn’t mean anything nice when he said this. He continued by talking about Bloomberg’s height, stating that he would need boxes to stand on. POTUS described his billionaire counterpart as ‘very little.’

Michael Bloomberg

Source: washingtonpress.com

President’s claims that Bloomberg is looking for a box to stand on during the Democrat debate were taken seriously by the former mayor’s camp. They insisted that the 45th President of the US is lying and that there’s no basis for his statements. Furthermore, they used their response to mock Trump’s appearance and weight.

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It is a long way until November, and it’s yet unknown if Michael Bloomberg is going to be the Democrat candidate. Nonetheless, Trump is already using every opportunity to take a dig at Bloomberg. In most of his tweets, he’s referring to him as Mini Mike.

Bloomberg looks at this from the positive side. He believes that Trump is tweeting so much about him because he is afraid of the upcoming elections. The New York businessman believes that he has a real shot at the presidency and that Donald Trump is aware of this. Hence the insults.

Considering how much money Bloomberg is putting in promoting his campaign, we believe he has a chance of making it as the Democrat candidate. So far, he invested around $286 million on TV, radio, and digital advertisements. $11 million of that went into his Superbowl ad.

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