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Donald Trump Could Cancel The 2024 Elections According to Eichenwald

by Sinisav

POLITICAL FLARE – 02/02/2020: Could Donald Trump extend his term in office? We’re not talking about winning the reelections, but about the possibility of adding another two years to his current mandate. Kurt Eichenwald, who is an award-winning journalist, certainly believes so.

He took his opinion on Twitter. Eichenwald made sure that everyone can understand him, so he created a seventeen-part tweet. Kurt believes that this is in the President’s power to do. According to him, Donald Trump could use his executive authority to become the US leader for more than another four years.

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One of Trump’s most loyal supporters, Jerry Falwell Jr, tweeted about the possibility of Trump extending his mandate from four to six years. The constitution clearly says that every President can only serve four years in one term. But, the idea was put in the air by Falwell Jr, and Trump obviously liked it as he decided to re-tweet it himself.

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Jerry Falwell Jr believes that Democrats have made it impossible for Trump to fully use his four years term by putting him through the impeachment process. Because of this, he believes that Trump should extend his stay in the White House for another two years.

What Trump did when he re-tweeted this notion is that he basically threatened everyone that he could actually do it. By doing this, he would break the law, but this wouldn’t surprise too many people. Eichenwald believes that Donald Trump could also try and cancel the 2024 elections.

While this could be a far fetched idea, it certainly intrigued many. Upon posting this on Twitter, it started generating interest from both Republicans and Democrats. By now, Kurt Eichenwald’s thread can be considered viral. This political idea frightens all who believe in what the founding father believed. On the other hand, it probably excites Donald Trump. We sure hope he’s not excited enough to pull the trigger on the idea.

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