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Who Will Be Donald Trump’s Running Mate in November?

by Sinisav

POLITICAL FLARE – 02/02/2020: Donald Trump started his presidential campaign for the 2024 elections last year in Florida. It was only July, and people already started wearing Trump 2024 banners. Since then, people began wondering who will be his running mate. The opinion of the majority who are close to Trump’s campaign believes that it will no longer be Mike Pence.

Furthermore, it’s believed that it’s known who will be next to Trump in November elections. It’s not unheard that presidential candidates change their running mates. But, it’s not something that happens often. The last time someone changed his running mate was 40 years ago. A more interesting fact is that it was 70 years ago that someone won with a new partner.

Donald Trump

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While it might be rare to change a running mate but speculating about it comes often. When it comes to Trump’s, it has another dimension. If you know Donald, you know he only cares about two things – himself and his daughter Ivanka.

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When Trump became the President, he brought Ivanka Trump into the White House. She even became one of his closest advisers. It is rare to install someone with such a lack of experience in this crucial role. Ivanka’s only credential was that she’s the daughter of the President. Most of her duties right now are something that usually would be the job of the vice-president.

Trump being Trump sidelined Pence and put Ivanka into a position of power. His goal was, since the start, to put Ivanka into the best place possible. After him, of course. The moment for that apparently came. POTUS has full trust in his daughter, and this qualifies Ivanka Trump to be his running mate.

The pair gets perfectly along, and it is a real possibility that they step out as running mates. The only question that remains, would you vote for Ivanka?

Source: politicalflare.com