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Donald Trump Commutes Governor Accused of Corruption

by Sinisav

BUSINESS INSIDER – 02/19/2020: It was a public secret that Donald Trump is going to commute Rod Blagojevich. Now, the time has come for the move, and it happened. The former Governor of Illinois was released from prison after serving eight years.

During a Tuesday interview, Donald Trump confirmed this news. If you didn’t know, Blagojevich was in prison after he was sentenced to serve 14 years after being charged for corruption. He was trying to sell the Governor’s seat, which was previously occupied by Barack Obama.

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It was rumored for some time that Donald Trump was going to make this decision. During the last year, the possibility of commuting Rod Blagojevich was considered by Trump. He even stated that Blagojevich was mistreated. The two of them have a history together, as the former Illinois Governor was a contestant on Celebrity Apprentice.

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POTUS even tweeted about him last year, stating: “Rod Blagojevich, the former Governor of Illinois, was sentenced to 14 years in prison. He has served 7 years. Many people have asked that I study the possibility of commuting his sentence in that it was a very severe one. White House staff is continuing the review of this matter.”

Rod Blagojevich felt that his moment is close, and in 2018 his lawyers filed in the needed firework to put Blagojevich’s release in motion. During the same period, Rod’s wife, Patti, was making rounds on television. During an interview with Fox News, she called for the release of her husband. At the same time, she praised President Trump and criticized his opponents, mainly Robert Mueller and James Comey.

Donald Trump wasn’t left indifferent to her comments, and a couple of months later, Rod Blagojevich was commuted. This decision was criticized by both Democrats and Republicans. The reason is simple. Rod Blagojevich is the face of public corruption in Illinois. Furthermore, Blagojevich still didn’t show any remorse for the crimes he committed.

Source: businessinsider.com