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Different Ways to Do Charity in USA by Shlomo Rechnitz 

by Kim Marks

Charity is something that you give to someone for the sake of help and in return you expect nothing. It can be anything: your money, your time or your services. It can be small or big according to your pocket. This generous donation serves the most susceptible in society and helps meet people’s wants and needs.

These trust-based organisations are not-for-profit, meaning they have not benefited financially from donations to the reason they serve. And when we see different countries, the USA is at the top where more than 56% people donate to charity in many different ways. They not only just give the money but make sure that their money will go to the right hands. Recent exploration shows that not only do the poor give more per capita; their munificence is greater during recessions.


There are many consultants and guides that help people to know where they can give charity. Shlomo Rechnitz is one of them who helps people to tell the right place to spend their money. And not only money you can give whatever you want. Your time, your skills or anything like that. Let’s look at some ways that Shlomo Rechnitz suggested people for charity.

Help strangers on streets and make them feel better

Sometimes we find someone willing to get donations and sometimes we are unable to find one  but it is not necessary to help them permanently you can randomly help people on streets specially children and women. We see a lot of children on streets begging around. We can help them in any way. Even with our sweet words.  If you can’t do much, just give some food or a little money that can help them in any way. Maybe they are the most needy ones.

A study by Shlomo Rechnitz shows that people on the streets of the US are less likely to ask by themselves. They are needy but they won’t ask. You have to help them voluntarily or sometimes they are doing something to attract the audience and in return they are expecting something from you. So don’t just walk away, try to give something each time you see such activities on the streets.

If you don’t have money, donate your time

Source: letsroam.com

WE all have heard that money can buy happiness and to some extent it is true but what if you don’t have much to give others. But everyone has plenty of time or you can manage some just for the sake of helping others. Many people in the US are depressed because they have so much in their hearts and there is no one to listen to them because of their busy routines and their lifestyles. You can find someone who needs you and your time.

This may make them feel better and give them a reason to live again. It’s like saving someone’s life. Because loneliness can led them to do suicide and if you can help someone to overcome this issue. You are surely a life saver and that is a thousand times better than donating money.

Do volunteer activities

Volunteering is a reciprocal way that benefits both the organisation and the volunteer. It is useful in promoting positive and long-lasting growth in communities, improving social bonds, improving mental and physical health, and improving the employability of volunteers. Shlomo Rechnitz suggested many ways to volunteer such as helping Childs, at hospitals, at food drives, helping the old people, taking care of animals and plants and many other things like that.

Source: flexjobs.com

Give shelters to orphans and widows

Giving is the easiest and fastest support process, you can take part in. A cup of coffee or the tantamount of the next movie can support the child’s better. They can also register and participate in NGO fundraising initiatives, social media or outreach activities at malls, kiosks and public places. Ordinary people seem to be the most loyal voices and interests of children. Through social media, as well as connecting with people in your network, you can learn about NGO campaigns, causes and more. You can raise awareness. And if you have enough of your money you can make one of your own non- profit businesses just to help the needy ones. There are millions of people in the US who need shelters and food and your one good deed can help many to save lives.

Help the needy to earn in different ways

Many people don’t accept donations and help instead they want to work for themselves and want to earn their own money instead of asking for money. So for that type of people you can help them by providing different opportunities to earn money. Give them jobs on small scales so that they can earn their livelihood. Like we see that many women’s works in sewing centres to earn. Also try to teach them skills that help them to earn less time and more money. You can collaborate with other organisations to find such people and such opportunities. Also Shlomo Rechnitz are searching for women in the US that face  domestic violence just because they don’t have any shelter to live and they can’t earn their own. Find those and help them to live a healthy life.


Do food drives more often

Food drives are the best ways of doing charity to the needy ones. Sometimes people don’t ask for money and food drives help them to get food for their day. There are many ways you can set your food drive. Goal setting gives participants a sense of purpose, motivation, and commitment. Think how good people feel when they know you’re halfway to your goal of collecting 100 pounds of food, or how proud they’d be if you could double that! People feel good and know that their contribution has made a big impact in their community. Shlomo Rechnitz is running one of his own food chains in US; you can also contribute to that.