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Donald Trump Broke Another Law at Daytona 500

by Sinisav

ECONOTIMES – 02/18/2020: After being impeached by the Senate of two articles, and latter being acquitted on charges of power abuse and obstruction of Congress, people started accusing Donald Trump of breaking the law.

Now, it seems they can add another law he broke to the list. Last Sunday, President was in Florida for the NASCAR race at Daytona 500 racetrack. While there, he took a celebratory lap across the track in his presidential limousine. It seems that while doing this, President Donald Trump broke another law.

Donald Trump

Source: fox44news.com

Trump was at Daytona to signal the start of the first race of the racing season. As you probably know, Daytona 500 is the most famous racetrack in the US, and people are calling it the Super Bowl of racing. President was the grand marshal of the race, and he signaled for the drivers to start their engines.

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POTUS also took one lap in his limousine, as we mentioned. But, there’s a catch. Considering that the President held a speech to his supporters while at Daytona, many people find this visit as a part of his campaign. The issue is that the reigning President can’t use government property for his campaign.

Considering that Donald Trump believes he’s above the law, he will probably decide to ignore what happened at Daytona. Nonetheless, the law was broken, as it’s illegal to ride in a presidential limousine on NASCAR tracks.

As we said, this was not the first time that President Trump broke the law. But, considering that he was acquitted of fare grave crimes, no one will probably talk about this too much. Trump’s campaign is gaining momentum, as his rallies are more frequent in the latest weeks. The contributions to his campaign are also record-breaking, as we mentioned in one of our articles. And as it’s usually the case with Trump, his campaign is already full of controversies and blunders.

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