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Donald Trump And Kim Kardashian Achieved a Great Goal Together

by Sinisav

BUSINESS INSIDER – 02/03/2020: Donald Trump’s campaign for the 2024 elections is in full motion. If you watched Superbowl, you saw that he had two ads worth $11 million. One of those ads featured Alice Johnson. She was sentenced for life before POTUS commuted her back in 2018.

The first time when she became familiar to the public was when Kim Kardashian West talked about her sentence and injustice behind it. When a celebrity such as Kim side with you, your case will receive national coverage. It didn’t pass long, and Kim Kardashian and Donald Trump had a meeting discussing criminal-justice reform. Alice Johnson was also part of the conversation.

Kim Kardashian

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One week later, after the Kim-Trump meeting, Johnson was released from prison. Yesterday she featured in Donald Trump’s Superbowl ad. The ad talks about Trump’s reforms that give Americans hope. Trump praised his achievements in this ad, stating that he keeps his promises and makes America great again.

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The video is quite emotional as it shows Johnson’s first encounter with her family since leaving prison. The message that this ad sends was that while everyone else is talking about reforms, Trump is actually making a difference.

Johnson commented on the video by saying that two years ago, she was watching the Superbowl in a prison cell. Today she features in a Superbowl ad after her life was turnaround by POTUS himself.

Kim Kardashian West commented on Johnson’s tweet and said that she felt really proud of her.

Twitter users had different comments on Trump’s ad. Some had praise for the President for his criminal-justice reforms, which help reunite families. However, others pointed out that while this might be true, his stance on immigration and laws connected to it separate an even more significant number of families.

Donald Trump wasn’t the only candidate with an ad. His Democrat billionaire colleague Michael Bloomberg also used the biggest sports event in the US for self-promotion. Also, this was the first time in history that two presidential candidates paid for Superbowl ads.

Source: businessinsider.com