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Kim Kardashian Heads to Court Again

by Elsa Stringer

Her will to expose herself could cost Kim Kardashian millions, as a photographer takes her to court over a photograph. The famous starlet shared a romantic photograph with her husband Kanye West back in 2018, a snap in which they look rather happy, in love, and most of all, spontaneous. 


However, she had never asked for the photographer’s permission prior to the upload.

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By doing this, or rather not doing it, she broke the copyright rules, and now the photographer is asking for a huge compensation.


Said Bolden says that the photo had millions of likes, and asks the court to take that into consideration.


This is not the first lawsuit that came Kim’s way. She has done similar things in the past and did not take into account the photographers’ work, while sharing their work on social media platforms.

Stay tuned and see how this case revolves.