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Donald Trump Accused of Being Emotionless After Tennessee Visit

by Sinisav

ECONOTIMES – 03/09/2020: When you are the President of the United States, some people are on your side, those who voted for you. Then, some do not support you and will find ways to accuse you of anything. The most recent accusation is concerning the President’s alleged lack of sympathy for those affected with tornadoes in Tennessee.

A few days ago, President Donald Trump went out of his way and traveled to Tennessee to speak with those who suffered from destructive tornadoes during the last week. POTUS did his best to console the victims and made a promise that he will provide all the needed help to the families who lost their homes or close ones.

Donald Trump

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The tornadoes in Tennessee were extraordinarily damaging and took away dozens of lives. During a speech at the site, President Trump stated how much he loves good people of this state and that it’s the main reason he decided to go there personally. But, netizens weren’t satisfied with his words. According to many Internet users, Mr. President didn’t look sympathetic during his speech.

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You can be the judge of this yourself. POTUS said the following: “I was going to visit yesterday, but they asked me for one more day because they were looking for bodies, believe it or not, up until now. It’s tough. One family got entirely wiped out.”

To speak the truth, Mr. Trump could have selected his words more carefully. This is what most Twitter users resented him. Twitter user @justinbaragona wrote: “Trump, surveying tornado damage in Tennessee, talks about a young child who was found walking in the street. Trump: ‘How did his family do?’ Official: They’re deceased. Trump: ‘So his parents were killed. And his sister. So we’re going to go see some of the folks.'”

Others pointed out his complete lack of empathy: “And this is why Trump is uniquely ill-equipped to be President. He is completely devoid of empathy.”

As we already said, you should decide yourselves about President’s emotions, or lack of them.

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