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Is President Donald Trump Wearing Adult Diapers?

by Sinisav

ECONOTIMES – 03/08/2020: Donald Trump is a divisive person. You will hear all sorts of things about him, good and bad. The most recent rumor surrounding the President is that he’s wearing adult diapers during his public appearances. This story started circling after Internet users noticed a large bump on his pants during his visit to Tennessee.

This is nothing new, as almost one year ago, a former associate of Trump, Noel Casler, tweeted about this. Casler was a staff member on Trump’s TV Show, The Celebrity Apprentice. He tweeted the following: “Anyone who thinks I’m joking about Trump wearing Depends should watch this vid…I’m not, it was a known fact on ‘Apprentice’ he is incontinent from all the years of stimulant abuse and fast food. Right Don?”

Donald Trump

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According to Noel Casler, this is nothing new to Mr. Trump. He claims that POTUS has been wearing adult diapers since 2007. Not only that, but Casler also claims that Donald was addicted to a specific medicine.

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Casler isn’t hiding what he knows, as he often tweets about Trump: “Frequently. He wears adult diapers, has since at least 2007. We would often stop taping on ‘Apprentice’ because of his rage over not being able to read a word on a cue-card. He would scream at crew until he soiled himself, then go snort more Adderall and change depends.”

These tweets are a few years old, but the story is back again in the news. After his visit to Nashville, Tennessee netizens started sharing photos of Mr. President in his khaki pants where you can clearly see his adult diapers. While this is truly funny, it shouldn’t surprise anyone. Donald Trump is 74 years old, and old age is catching up to him quickly. Please think twice before giving him another four years in the office.

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