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Divina Casas – Model, Blogger, and Influencer

by Ingeborg

Divina Casas is a model who is promoting healthy life and freedom, and the rise in her career started from the moment when she was picked to be one of the models in Playboy Slovakia in 2017. Divina has 23 years and she was born in California, and her first modeling steps were during college days.

Before her breakthrough in the Playboy, she also took spots at some other popular magazines such as Kaboom, Arsenic, and W&H.  Her next big success was another featuring at the same magazine in 2018, in an exclusive edition. However, besides the great success of Divina Casas, her profile on Instagram is still unverified.


Since she is a very popular and successful promoter of living a healthier life and having a verified account is necessary for the ability to earn through her work as an influencer. Also, since her profile is not marked as official, other people could use her name and share her work. Verifying the official account is important since other people could take credit for her work, and earn on her success.

Her profile is not the only one. There are many models and influencers whose profiles on various social networks are unable to bring them income. When someone has their official account verified, they can collect income from their popularity, shares, posts, stories, views, and many other things. Also, it is more likely that some company would offer some partnership to an account that is verified by Instagram.   However, the lack of ability to earn from her social account did not stop her from continuing her work and motivate many women to live life more freely. She managed to become a popular influencer, model, and writer, without the help of any professional agency, which is only proving her success furthermore.

Despite these problems, she continues to succeed in many fields. She was one of the Playboy stars in the special edition of Playboy Mexico in 2017, which was especially dedicated to Hugh Hefner, the founder of Playboy Magazine. Moreover, she was crowned a Miss July of 2018, and since that moment, it was obvious she will become widely popular.

Another great success was when she got hired by a popular brand Guess, where she was promoting their fashion line of underwear and bikinis. Other companies that she presented are Pink Lipstick Lingerie, Malibu Strings, and Delicate Illusions. In that matter, it remains unclear why Instagram wouldn`t let her verify her profile.


Since 2019, she also has a website DivinaCasas.com, where you can read her stories about improvements of woman rights and freedom. If you are interested in reading some of the fantastic stories, you can find the blog section on her website, and read from the perspective of someone free to talk about the wellbeing, healthy life, improved mental state, freedom, and many ways to create a better connection between you and your partner.

She is successful in motivating many young women around the world to strive for living more and find their passions. But the question is, how greater success she would have with the verified account on Instagram?


2019 was full of success for Divina. She became part of the online collection of Playboy Mexico. Her set of pictures was shot by a popular photographer Juan David Jamarillo. She also has amazing sets with Gavin O’Neal and Bonnie Nichoalds from 2019. Besides that, she even got to the Playboy USA, in the edition of Playboy Plus magazine, she was part of the Blue Notes Collection in 2019. After her success in the United States, Playboy Mexico chose her to be on the cover of September edition in 2019. Part of her trademark and what makes her unique in the world of models is her long black hair and beautiful natural body.

Because of her great popularity in Mexico, she was part of many radio shows like ones one the Radio 13, Conexion, Skapate, Mariano Escobedo, El Daily con Harold, Col. Anzuers, El Grafico, Rock and Bulling, and many more. Besides her successful career as a model, she is also attending the University Cal State Fullerton in Mexico, where she is studying politics.  Her biography is already filled with many achievements, and she will continue with her positive influence on women from all around the world. Her persistence and desire to create a brand of her name indicates to other women that they should also look for their desires.


Her goal is to motivate people around the world to express themselves in a way where they will openly speak about their passions and sensuality, without the need to mark love life as taboo. The attractive model is continuously sharing her visions and passions. Some of her best personal visions are that we should learn new things every day, enjoy more in our lives, stay positive no matter what, and to find what drives us to feel better about ourselves. The website of Divina Casas turns out to be a great step-up in her career, especially because she can finally promote her as a brand, and make an actual income from her sets of photos, or by promoting other brands as well. She is a Fine Art Model, and she is representing various creations from some of the best fashion lines.


The are many celebrities, models, and influencers with the same problem as Divina has, which is letting other people steal their work and share it without any contribution, leaving them without the deserved income. On the other side, attractive Divina found her ways to keep creating a rich career, and we are expecting even more from her in the future. When it comes to her Instagram profile, she already has near 200,000 followers, and even if it is still unverified, she will continue to express her vision and promote freedom and its benefits. She has already collaborated with many other influencers and celebrities like Inas X, Rudy Bundini, Dr. Brian Etemad, King Rolodex, and many more.