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The Latest Instagram Influencer Trend is Making People Furious

by Nebojša Vujinović

Internet trends have introduced all sorts of wacky and interesting things to the world, and more often than not they are quite clever and funny. However, the latest thing that famous influencers are doing is anything but.

Instagram models famous for their provocative poses and skimpy outfits have outdone themselves, and not in a good way. They thought it would be a good idea to wear surgical masks as bikinis and post it online.

Source: the-sun.com

These women took various sorts of surgical masks and wore them like they would wear a normal bikini or lingerie, showcasing their bodies and curves.

Source: the-sun.com

In a time when medical supplies like these masks are in shortage around the world, these people are wasting them for a few photos in order to earn money from their social media accounts, promote themselves, and become more famous.

Source: jampress.co.uk

Not thinking of the consequences of their actions, they may have put in danger some of their fellow citizens and used up the masks they might need in the coming days or weeks. Some even made tops, skirts, and handbags from toilet paper, which is also in short supply.

Source: Instagram.com

This is a clear proof of how much social media can hurt us as a species during a crisis, like the one COVID-19 is causing right now.

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