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Top 3 Benefits of Digital Signage in Restaurants

by Nina Smith

Can you even remember what did the menus and restaurants look like before all the flashy billboards, as well as digital displays? Nowadays, almost every restaurant or fast food stand has got to have digital signage! Living in this fast-paced world means adjusting, as well as testing out some new and unique systems, as well as advertising methods. Not too sure what is the point of this trend, or how it can lure customers to your place in minutes? Keep on reading and find out all there is to know!

Most asked questions about signage in restaurants

Q1: How much does a digital menu board cost?

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A1: This is quite affordable, as well as easy to get and use, as well as operate once compared to an actual billboard. Usually, most of them are around $1000 per location, but this depends a lot on the location of your business..

Q2: What are the benefits of signage?

A2: Because of this little addition you will experience a higher retention rate, better revenue, reduced costs, easier display, as well as unique digital connectivity.

Q3: Are there some different kinds of menus?

A3: Every place can choose to display their foods or drinks, and stick to an a la carte menu, wine or beverage signage, static, du jour, or dessert menu. It is easy to divide it into five different categories, and everyone will easily find their preferred one.

Q4: How to know which digital signage to use for your place or your restaurant?

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A4: Did you know that your sales can increase up to 32% thanks to the digital menu? There are loads of different reasons why you might need one, and the best kind for your restaurant can be tricky to pick. This is why you will find the article at MVIX Digital Signage quite helpful! Thanks to them, you will learn all about digital menus and boards + you can create your very own and unique signage menu!

Top 3 Benefits of Digital Signage in Restaurants

1. Easy menu creation

When creating your menu (or a billboard), you will have to go through loads of trials and errors. You will have to talk to your designer before you print it out and place the creation somewhere visible. Luckily for you, with digital signage, you can change the menu and not pay for any additional costs! Also, you can switch your mind as often as you please.

This makes its use quite practical as well as easy + you will feel flexible and welcome to change it at any given point. By changing the menu per your preference, depending on the current holiday season and new trends, you will definitely enjoy better and more-noticeable revenue!

2. Increase upsell

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Because of flashy and digital menu boards, you will enjoy a better system, and you will notice a massive growth in sales. What is an amazing trick in this case? Well, for instance, if you were a pizza restaurant owner, you could add a breadstick onto your digital menu, along with a salad and a tasty drink. Because of this little marketing trick, most customers will go for this exact order, and this will lead to increased sales.

Also, you can fully customize the message which you wish to show to the world, and that you want to use to lure your customers in! One-click of a button will do the trick, and your menu will be fully customized!

PS: One more great tip which will lure hungry customers is if you list calories next to each dish. People (especially foreigners), as well as athletes, love this little extra step! Anyone who is on a diet will appreciate this as well.

3. Slower wait time

Last, but not least, who doesn’t love a slower wait time? Not only that it is a fast and convenient option, but it can also come off as an amazing solution and tactic if you wish to get your readers attention. Give them something fun to read or browse through, such as facts or trivia while they’re waiting for their food.

Not only that ensures slower wait time, but this approach will also help you feel a lot more eco-friendly, as well as aware of your surrounding. This will teach you and prevent you from throwing away tons of paper on a monthly basis.

Did you know? Top three key facts when it comes to digital signage

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A) Social media is a great way to build up your brand image, as well as to show off your ideas to the world.. Also, focus on reading the reviews since this will give you a better insight and understanding of what is it that your customers truly want from your brand. We highly recommend getting involved on Instagram and TikTok, so stay trendy!

B) When selecting fonts, you should go for something bold, loud, as well as unique. However, make sure that it makes sense and that it tells an amazing story alongside your brand. Stick to colorful letters, a meaningful message, as well as a universal font that will cater to everyone, and every type of audience!

C) Weatherproofing your equipment is always a good idea. It is important to keep your digital menu protected from any type of environmental factors. Also, it is a good idea to secure and protect the screens against vandalism or display damage, especially if it is located in a sketchy place, or in a smaller alley.

Ready To Give It A Go?

After reading this article, do you feel a lot more comfortable as well as informed on the topic of digital signage in restaurants? They are an amazing investment, and you will feel a lot more prepared, well-equipped, as well as cool when compared to the old-school and outdated billboards or paper menus. Just make sure that you stand out from the rest, and be confident as well as proud of your design, font, as well as message, you will see an increase in revenue in no time!