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Things to do in London After Work

by Nina Smith

The jewel of the United Kingdom is London. It has a really fascinating long history and is one of the most iconic cities of the world. The city has stood the test of time and has been around for many many years. All these years have led it to become a place of such rich culture and all kinds of people. Such places around London truly come alive after the working day is done, here we take a look at some of the things one can do after work in London.

These are some of the best things to do in London.


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London is home to more than 3500 different pubs and bars scattered all over the city. Pubs are synonymous with being ‘British’ with seemingly a pub on every corner of London.

The bars, or commonly known in England as pubs are home to many locals. Here you will find local lads and lasses enjoying their pints whilst probably cheering on their favourite football team that’s playing on the telly. The atmosphere of these kinds of pubs are warm and welcoming and are definitely worth a try.

London also offers some really unique and usual pubs that are a definite must if you are looking for something different to try out.

Gigi’s Hoxton is based in Hoxton Square in London which is a nice cocktail bar with live music.

One very interesting pub known as Alcotraz ( the infamous prison island known as Alcatraz in the United States) is a full on theatrical pub which sees patrons or ‘prisoners’ having to dress up in orange overalls, sneak in with alcohol and enjoy their drinks in their own personal prison cell.

Another quirky pub is called ABQ London. Here, patrons dress up in lab wear and create their own drinks on a molecular level – by combining different elements and unique combinations. Guests sip their drinks out of smoky beakers as if they’ve created some lethal concoction. The vibe here is something that locals will truly enjoy as the bar is made out to be from an old RV – which truly immerses the feeling of creating your own ‘illegal’ drink.

London Beer Lab gives patrons a chance to actually brew their own beer which will be sold by the pub at a later stage. Patrons go through the interesting process of discovering how beer is made and have the opportunity to taste of London’s finest local beers.

Buckingham Palace

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Popularly known as the Queen of England’s humble abode or official residence. This building has been home to kings and queens dating back to the 1700s. And the building itself houses some of England’s most treasured artifacts and paintings.

At night however, the palace truly comes alive as its magnificent facade is lit up by thousands of lights which really show the grandeur of the building. One can also see the the changing of the guard which never gets old. A definite must see.

London Eye

In the centre of London lies a gigantic observation wheel known as the London Eye. This observation wheel offers panoramic views of the London skyline – with one being able to see most of London’s historical landmarks such as Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and the river Thames.

The London Eye boasts that it never stops turning, as to represent the never stopping of the city itself. Just below the London Eye at the entrance, there are a flurry of activities that one can partake in, from boat tours to the Sea Life Aquarium or to simply hang out in the Jubilee Gardens which truly is a great place to relax after a hard-day’s work.

Piccadilly Circus

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The name might be confusing as this does not refer to any actual circus but rather the word ‘circus’ is taken from the Latin word meaning circle. Often referred to as the Times Square of England because of its flashy array of billboard lights and many tourist activities, Piccadilly Circus boasts some amazing things to do after work.

One can go and see the Piccadilly Lights, which are the billboards as mentioned above, these really do sparkle at night and are a definite must see with all the restaurants and pubs nearby. The West End theatre showcases many high-level and professional productions and musicals throughout the year, some famous productions that have graced its stages include The Lion King and Phantom of the Opera. A show after work really is something different to do and is a great cultural activity.


For those who rather fancy some exercise as their fun after work, London also offers plenty fitness options for those who care about their personal physique or as a means of destressing after a hard-day’s work.

Running in Hyde Park

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Hyde Park is one of London’s most famous parks, with its scenic greenery and picturesque landscapes. It is a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and offers people a breath of fresh air for runners and strollers alike.

The perimeter of the park has an almost 5km running trail which is perfect for those who are trying to get their daily step count in and is perfect as a daily run trying to keep fit. This route sees one running through some woodlands, grass fields, and of course the beautiful gardens. Running this route at night is also very safe and is usually a lot less busy at night which makes for the best runs as one can truly focus on their exercise as well the scenes around them.

Other popular running courses to look out for are places like Kensington Gardens or along the river Thames. Running along the banks of the river allows one to see all the magnificent buildings of London such as Big Ben and the London Eye all lit up in the night sky – which truly offers a different perspective of the city.

London is home to some great activities for both tourists and locals alike. Some of these activities truly reveal themselves when the sun goes down and workers are finally done for the day. London at night bustles just as well as it does during the day, but the aura in the air filled with activity really makes the city come alive. These are just some of the things that one can do in London after work.