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6 Smart Ideas to Revamping Your Home Security

by Nina Smith

Christmas is right ’round the corner, so it’s time for Kevin McAllister to roll up his sleeves and revamp his home security. While you may not be left home alone and can’t assume Kevin’s role, you surely need to take some good security measures, especially during the holiday season.

Though there are old methods, installing security cams and having community patrol, with smarter technology, thieves are also finding more intelligent ways to clear houses. In this day and age, you surely need a better system in place, and in luck for you. That is what we will be going through in this article, six smart ways to revamping your home security.

1. Camdog Surveillance

Source: camdog.ai

A cloud-based, on-demand video security service, Camdog is a smart AI system that links up to your pre-existing camera, if you have one, and any camera from any manufacturer. It does not tie you down to a single brand, so the options are up to you. Unlike a simple video surveillance setup, Camdog amplifies and redefines what a video camera security system can do.

To better serve their customers that are homeowners, Camdog has developed specific functions and features that would cater to a worried homeowner’s needs. The Camdog – for home use pack comes with assuring features like ‘Access Control,’ ‘Object Control,’ ‘Loitering Detection’ and ‘ALPR Recognition.’ I find the ‘Loitering Detection’ feature intriguing. The software ignores passersby and only detects people who exhibit suspicious behavior using deep learning algorithms, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. The feature could warn you of an oncoming threat and keep you prepared and eventually safe.

2. Alarm System

What good are security surveillance and smart systems if it cannot warn you of an oncoming threat or a break-in? Installing an alarm system may not sound intelligent and funky, but it goes a very long way when it comes to the safety of your home. Like a fire alarm, a sound alarm, or even a siren can alert you, and if you’re not in town, then alert your neighbors. Some smart alarm systems can also link up to services that alert the police in case of a break-in or assault.

To guarantee their effectiveness in a problematic situation, use alarms that are solar-powered and flash a small light to show that they are online and armed. Of course, the alarm cannot stop a burglar, but it may help as a deterrent.

3. Smart Lighting

Source: newillusions.lighting

Looking through my trickery book, I have come across this simple yet proven age-old tradition of using lights to show someone’s home, and it isn’t left unattended. Lit up rooms and porches are a clear sign that people are home, and trying to break in and burgle the house is futile. Well, you can now use the same concept but add some technical spice to it and make them smart.

Smart lights are, well, a very smart way of using lighting to your advantage and keep your homes safe from intrusion. These systems use motion detectors and programmed sequences to switch on in case of a movement within the light’s vicinity and switch on preplanned arrangements to make it seem like someone’s home. Not a physical barrier to interrupt a thief, but a clever idea to impede ill-intentioned actions.

4. Upgraded Locks

There are only two forced entry methods that a criminal could use, a door and a window. While the latter, you could use window stoppers and with the one-time-use passcode protected locks. These locks require a pre-programmed passcode to be entered to unlock the door to the house. Any electrical tampering with the coil will cause it to seize up and completely lock the system until re-serviced.

These locks can easily be paired with a simple alarm system to create a strong security system.

5. Smart Home Devices

Source: unsplash.com

AI-driven home devices like Alexa and Google Home are not just fun toys that can answer any of our questions and book appointments, and their functionality can be taken a step higher. Smart home devices’ inherent function to perform an action based on a single command can be used to take measures in case of an emergency or break-in. These devices can also be armed to sense entry and movement in your house at times when the house is/was left empty. They can detect and alert the owner in such cases and leave it to take the requisite action.

Though a great security option, setting up your home to be automated and paired to a smart device is heavy on the bank. It requires considerable infrastructure and preplanning, but a smart home security system is a wonderful option if you can afford it.

6. Cabinet Alarms

Some cabinets are not like the others. You don’t want people snooping around your house and opening doors that shouldn’t be opened. To startle your curious explorers and keep them from plundering your treasure, set up a simple yet effective cabinet alarm. The alarm will keep your items safe, keep the intruders away, and inform you if someone does try and a break-in.

Though called a cabinet alarm, you can use the system anywhere you deem fit. On a door or a window, the choice is yours. Select the spot that needs saving and set up a simple sensor alarm, and you’re done!