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9 Benefits Of Playing Online Multiplayer Games

by William Gist

Online multiplayer video games are not only a complete entertainment option, they can also be used for educational and other benefitial purposes. In this article we tell you how and why.

The new generations have been born in the middle of the technological age, so their interactions and the language they share are, to a large extent, influenced by their online activity.

Frequently, we hear about the dangers of the web for young people. But, since it is something intrinsic to the era in which they live, the objective is not to eliminate its use but to use it with sanity. So today we are going to talk about the benefits of online multiplayer games.

Many studies and informative articles deal with warning about the dangers of this type of games and about the need to be cautious. However, they also have certain advantages. With complete information, we will be in a better position to take advantage of this style of entertainment without falling into risky behavior.

What are online multiplayer games?


Currently, we can find video games of all the themes, styles and modes. The one that concerns us today is type that can be played online with other people from different parts of the world.

Several individuals connected to the network share the stage and cooperate or compete for a more or less extensive time. That whole world has progressed so much that just playing is no longer enough, but various improvements must be constantly found or bought. There are many sites, such as lfcarry.com, that offer a variety of boost and carry services, mostly for games like Division 2, WoW, Call of Duty, etc.

The objectives may be diverse, but in any case they involve interaction with others who may be distant. Even in most of them it is possible to communicate both in written and oral form through the same platform.


Promote socialization

One of the most criticized aspects of traditional video games was the fact that they isolating people in front of a screen. Something that could make you lonely and disconnected from reality and from others. Well, one of the biggest benefits is that they foster social relationships.

While they play, people talk, interact and share with their friends, they can also create new bonds of friendship with other people they know through play and with whom they share interests. By playing they learn to cooperate, to work as a team and to organize by listening to others.

In this way, people can practice and develop their social skills, as well as improve their capacity for negotiation and consideration towards the contributions of others. It becomes a space for socialization, connection and shared interaction.

They promote the development of skills


Through this type of games, various important skills are developed and promoted that can be useful in our daily lives.

They favor logic, spatial skills, analytical skills and problem solving. They promote greater psychological flexibility and a better adaptation to changing circumstances.

They also improve abstraction, decision making and the ability to work in teams. They allow the individual to explore and develop their personality in a controlled and safe environment. Something that, when applied in everyday life, will be really beneficial.

They enhance learning


These types of video games are not only a complete entertainment option, they can also be used for educational purposes. Let’s not forget that young people are digital natives. Therefore, it is useless to ignore their preferences for this type of leisure. On the contrary, let us try to achieve a benefit from its didactic use. The games offer the option of combining the theoretical aspect with learning based on experiences, the latter being essential to consolidate knowledge.

In addition, they are an ideal setting to implement the social constructivism proposed by Vygotsky, who affirms that through collaboration with others the cognitive abilities of the subject are enhanced. In this regard, there have even been proposals for platforms in which educators can develop their own games based on the curriculum they wish to teach their students. An option that facilitates the teaching work of the teacher and greatly enriches the learning experience of students.

Increased gray matter

A study in Germany maintains that playing video games 30 minutes a day stimulates the increase of gray matter in the right hippocampus and in the cerebellum. These areas are in charge of memory, strategy and planning.

They help decrease stress


Moderately playing helps to release the daily stress that accumulates when doing other tasks, allowing you to have a good and fun time forgetting your usual worries. Playing allows you to disconnect and relieve tension. Regardless, it’s important to balance playtime with other activities.

They improve alertness and help in decision making


It has been proven through various studies that video games help children with dyslexia to improve their skills and that they also improve attention span. It also allows you to develop decision-making skills since many of them use a quick analysis to choose the best option and advance to the level of difficulties. Among the many current options from which you can choose are the zombie games, war strategy or even puzzle, tetris type.

They help in solving problems


Related to the aforementioned, having to make quick decisions and drawing up plans makes it necessary to think and discover different ways of solving the situations that arise, thus stimulating the development of strategies. This translates into real life as an improvement in skills when solving problems.

They improve vision

Studies show that with the moderate playing, visual acuity improves and details are better distinguished in certain situations.

Improve motor skills

Neuroscience specialists have pointed out that spending a few hours a week playing racing video games, especially online, at high speeds allows training of attention, sensory, motor and spatial skills.


As we see the benefits of online multiplayer games are diverse and not negligible. New technologies are a valuable tool for inter and intrapersonal development, provided we are able to use them with caution and for appropriate purposes.