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Dallas Cowboys Had Flight Canceled Due To Mechanical Issues

by Sinisav

As if Cowboys’ defeat in the claws of Eagles wasn’t enough, their trip to Philadelphia turned out to be a complete nightmare. Dallas Cowboys lost the match to their bitter divisional rivals. The final score was 17-9 in favor of the Philly team. But that wasn’t the end of their dreaded visit to the city of brotherly love. After the match was over, their flight back home was canceled. The entire Dallas team and all members of the staff were left at Lincoln Financial Field waiting.

According to official league information posted at nfl.com, Cowboys’ flight was canceled due to mechanical issues. People from Cowboys organization tied to arrange another flight. They managed to do that, buy the plane was smaller and couldn’t board all passengers. This development meant that some of the staff members had to spend the night in Philly.

Dallas Cowboys

Source: www.sbnation.com

Afterward, even after they arranged the plane, they couldn’t take off immediately. One problem followed another. When everything seemed over, it turned out that there wasn’t a pilot available to take them home. Other solutions included another hour wait for a plane from New York to arrive. All in all, Cowboys waited at Lincoln Financial Field longer than three hours.

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Considering that flight from Dallas to Philadelphia lasts three and a half hours, Cowboys coach Jason Garrett had time to start game-planning for Redskins immediately.

The Boys finally had their nightmare ended at 11 p.m. ET when their flight finally took off.

After what you could call a nightmare, Dallas Cowboys can finally start thinking about their next opponent. Dallas is still in the playoff race, but now they are not controlling their destiny. If they won yesterday, they would be in the playoffs. This way, they need to record a win against the Washington Redskins and hope that Eagles will lose to New York Giants.

Nothing is over yet in the always exciting NFC East.