Unexpected Friendship: Cristiano Ronaldo Teaches Novak Djokovic How to Jump

by Tracy Finke

One of the most famous tennis player Novak Djokovic and Juventus star Cristiano Ronaldo are training together in Dubai.

Djokovic is currently preparing for the Australian open, and it looks like his trainer for the day is famous Ronaldo.

Image source: Instagram

A Portuguese footballer has shared on Instagram a video from the gym where he ‘teaches’ a Serbian tennis player how to jump.

“Teaching Novak Djokovic how to jump!! Was a pleasure to see you and train with you, my friend!!, Cristiano wrote about the video.

Ronaldo is famous for his jump in the match against Sampdoria. The 34-year-old footballer scored a most spectacular goal by jumping an incredible 2.56 meters, skipping over an opponent, and scoring a header. The Portuguese, who is 187 centimeters tall, flew the sky under the clouds, and the contact of his forehead and the ball occurred at the height of 2.56 meters.

Djokovic is preparing for the start of the new tennis season, which will begin with his participation in the ATP Cup.

Image source: Instagram

The ‘winter break’ began in the Italian championship, so Ronaldo will not return to the field until January 6, when Cagliari will welcome Juventus.

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