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How Coronavirus Ruined Mia Khalifa’s Life?

by Tracy Finke

Mia Khalifa’s life drastically changed when she decided to leave the adult entertainment industry and become a sports presenter. The 27-year-old actress took to Instagram to share her thoughts on how coronavirus is affecting her job, or at least her hobby.

See what Mia Khalifa doing right now:

Image source: Instagram

She posted an Instagram story where she shared a screenshot of the news that the National Hockey League’ season is suspended and wrote: “Covid-19 officially ruined my life. No, I’m not sick. Worse.”

Image source: Instagram

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Khalifa is a great sports fan, and this news affected her harshly. Two years ago, she even was a victim of her favorite sport when she got hurt on an NHL game. A hockey puck damaged her breast implant, after which she had to undergo four-hour “fat grafting” surgery.