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Mr. Big Can’t Deal With Hair in Quarantine

by Tracy Finke

The famous actor Chris Noth, who became famous as Mr. Big from the show “S*x and The City” revealed his quarantine look. He uploaded a selfie with his head shaved. Noth’s gray mustache and goatee came to the forefront.

Image source: Instagram

“I decided dealing with hair was superfluous during these times of quarantine”, the 65-year-old actor wrote in the caption.

First to comment was his on-screen love, Sarah Jessica Parker. “Why did you wait so long???? X”, she wrote in comments.

Image source: usmagazine.com

His fans were stunned with his new look. “That’s hardcore, bro. Got your Breaking Bad going on!”, one of his followers wrote, and another added: “You look beautiful no matter what, amazing man and actor. Love you from Mexico”.

Image source: hollywood.com

Noth’s followers praised him for his bold decision. “You look like a hot villain now”, one social media user joked. “Hair or not you’ll always be Mr. Big to many people”, another comment read.

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