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Sinead O’Connor Calls Conor McGregor “Racist” and “Slave Owner”

by Tracy Finke

The singer Sinead O’Connor and fighter Conor McGregor got into a social media feud after the singer called the ultimate fighter a racist.

Image source: bleacherreport.net

The 53-year-old musician called out McGregor on Twitter this week after he asked Irish natives to apply for farming job vacancies and save the country’s harvest and to prevent officials from calling overseas help during coronavirus pandemic.

“Men and Women, WE ARE HIRING. I need 1,500 laborers ready to work in our amazing food and agriculture industry. Flying in 1,500 people from the outside world, at this point in time, will break the chains of all command”, Irish fighter tweeted.

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O’Connor had a sharp response. “Could you please elucidate me as to what exactly you are referring when you say ‘the chains of command?’ Which you say will be broken if immigrant workers come to help farmers. What exactly are the chains of command?”, she tweeted and called him “racist” and said he “sound like a slave owner”.

“Are you on something, because you sound like a slave owner more with each passing year. I mean, I love you an all, but like, what the f**k racist s**t you been swallowing (sic)? Where has the real Conor gone? Because I know your mama didn’t raise you to be any kind of racist”, Sinead raged on Twitter.

Image source: aceshowbiz.com

The feud continued soon. McGregor replied and claimed his comments had “nothing whatsoever to do with immigrants”.

“At this time, it is crazy to even suggest anything other than essential medical equipment/personnel be flown in. Everything else must be halted”, the fighter said.

Sinead O’Connor often supported McGregor in the past, so the feud between them surprised many.

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