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Pierce Brosnan Looks Unrecognizable in Quarantine

by Elsa Stringer

During quarantine caused by the coronavirus pandemic, people are isolated in their homes and cannot leave except for some urgent reasons. Celebrities are no different, as the world is left to cope with the new situation the best it can.

Legendary Hollywood actor Pierce Brosnan, 66, decided to sport a homeless look and treated the fans with a shocking photo of himself! Nobody was sure who they were looking at until they read more about the crazy photograph.


The famous “James Bond” actor looked nothing like himself before a clean shave and a haircut. His followers compared him to Robinson Crusoe, and here he really does look like a castaway on an uninhabited island.

Brosnan showed us his humorous and charming side with this stunt, but we all know how good looking he really is despite approaching 70!

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