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Chelsea Clinton is Furious With Donald Trump!

by Sinisav

Donald Trump brought out the worst from Chelsea Clinton. The daughter of former President Bill Clinton is furious at POTUS after his lack of success in dealing with the ongoing crisis.

Chelsea doesn’t hold Donald Trump in high regard, especially after her mother, Hillary Clinton, lost the presidential race to him. She was not satisfied with Trump’s most recent interview with Fox News. Bill Clinton’s daughter joined those who critic Donald Trump for his mishandling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Chelsea Clinton

Source: nypost.com

The interview Chelsea is responding to is the one in which POTUS said that if the states want from the federal government, they have to behave well toward the White House administration.

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Chelsea Clinton took her opinion to Twitter: “You are the President of the United States. Not some states. Not just of the people who voted for you. Not just of the people who are American citizens ([waving emoji] 2024 census). The United States. It’s never too late to start acting like it.”

Ms. Clinton was irritated by Trump’s continuous attempts to downplay the severity of the threat coronavirus is. During his appearance on Fox News, POTUS said: “No, I think we’re doing very well. But, you know, it’s a two-way street, they have to treat us well also. They can’t say ‘oh gee; we should get this, we should get that’ ‒ we’re doing a great job.”

Donald Trump is sugarcoating the situation for some time now, despite the case being clear to everyone. More and more people are standing up to the President because of his words as this: “Like in New York where we’re building, as I said before, four new hospitals and medical centers ‒ we’re literally building hospitals and medical centers and then I hear there’s a problem with ventilators. Well, we sent them ventilators, and they could have had 15-16,000, all they had to do was order them two years ago, but they decided not to do it. They can’t blame us for that.”

Source: express.co.uk