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Sommer Ray Puts Instagram on Fire With Mouth-Watering Throwback!

by Sinisav

Coronavirus is making it hard to lead a normal life. Everything just stopped. It is the same for us regular Joe’s, for celebrities, and for those who strive to become one. For example, we have an Instagram sensation Sommer Ray who captivated her followers with new photos and videos every day.

Today, Sommer, as most of us, is in self-isolation. This leaves her with nothing much to do. There’s no photoshoots, new outfits, or YouTube videos that follow her daily routine. She isn’t up to much these days.

Sommer Ray

Source: instagram.com

Luckily, she can scroll through her old photos and still surprise her most loyal followers. It’s not Thursday, but Sommer decided to throw one throwback to a past photoshoot session. We can say we are grateful for this as she looks simply amazing. Photos are black-and-white and show Sommer Ray in her, probably, black bikini.

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This Instagram lady is one of the most popular girls in this domain, and you can see why. She is beautiful and with perfect curves. Her booty is one of the best you will see in your lifetime. A part of her body, you just can’t put a price on. Sommer is also quite unique for another thing – her eyebrows.

Ms. Ray captioned the post with: “Gotta post throwbacks cause can’t do new photoshoots.. lol my eyebrows wildddd’n.” Now, we know she’s just joking, there’s nothing wrong with her eyebrows they are just astonishing. When you think about it, there’s no one thing we would change about her.

Her post gathered almost 1.5 million likes in less than 24 hours.

In addition to her perfect body, Sommer is also very strong, as you can see in this post, where she pushes a Lamborghini Aventador.