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Check Out Patrick Mahomes II Fabulous Home

by Nebojša Vujinović

By now you have heard about Patrick Mahomes II even if you are remotely into sports. The young quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs made sure to leave a mark on this sport early in his career. It was back in 2017 that the Chiefs drafted him and made sure that the history is written with their name in big letters. IN his short NFL career he managed to win the two most prestigious awards – the Super Bowl and an MVP award. You can’t ask more from someone on his rookie contract. Of course, things changed last year, when Patrick signed an extension. With his contract being worth $500 million over ten years, you can easily guess that Mahomes had a few purchases to his name. We are here to talk about his real estate, so sit tight and see what did this young QB decided to buy for himself.


Before being drafted by the Chiefs, who are based in Kansas City, Mahomes lived in Texas, where his father owns a house. But after being drafted by the Chiefs, he of course bought a home in Kansas City. While his contract is immense now, he hasn’t paid pennies either in 2017 being a first-round pick, drafted tenth overall. His first purchase was a penthouse, which was in a moment only the second of his purchases as another home followed. Below we’re going to dig into both properties. Due to his career ties, bot properties are located in the Kansas City vicinity.

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Patrick Mahomes II Kansas City Penthouse

Mahomes didn’t waste his time upon arrival in a new city. Only a few months after reallocating to Kansas City to play for the Chiefs he spends some cash on a new penthouse. We are talking about a 1,800 square foot penthouse priced at $475,000. His first contract was only four years long, and the amount was limited, so he didn’t go overboard with the purchase. For starters, it had all anyone needs: two bedrooms, two and a half bathrooms, private terraces, car garage, also private, and most of all it was close to Arrowhead stadium. Mahomes II no longer requires this place, after making an even better purchase, and is looking to make some money in the process, as he listed his penthouse for sale at the $485,000 mark. It would seem that he dropped the sale, as the property is no longer listed for sale. It would seem that a new owner is going to have to wait to buy this place.

Source: velvetropes.com

Source: velvetropes.com

How About His New House

The new place is a gift for himself, considering it was bought right after his team managed to lift the Lombardi trophy after beating the San Francisco 49ers back in 2024. We are talking about a 4,343 square foot home, that appears to be a ranch. Talk about his Texas roots. His new home had famous owners before considering that he parted with almost $2 million to buy it off from florist Dan Meiners and businessman David Brinkerhoff. This ranch has an ideal location considering that it is located nearby Kansas/Missouri Stateline and a famous Mission Hills Country Club.

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Mahomes’s latest purchase has everything for his and his family, plus any incoming guests. We are talking about three bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, everything went under reconstruction in months before his arrival, managing to add new elements, but staying loyal to the ranch charm it possesses. From what we know the place has massive rooms, with immensely high ceilings, a chef’s kitchen, and a master suite spread across 1,250 square feet of space. As you could guess there’s a place that serves as a gym for Patrick which is normal considering what he does for a living. The fun fact is that he has a closet only for his shoes, which is quite suitable considering he owns 180 pairs and counting. There’s also a lot of place on the outside. The ranch spreads on 1.5 acres of land. Closer to the home you’ll find a swimming pool, a hot tub, and many patios, that provide a lot of enjoyment to the owners of this property. It is a far cry from the penthouse Patrick Mahomes occupied before.

Personal Life

As you could tell, Patrick is not living on his own in this beautiful mansion. He is always accompanied by his prettier half, Brittany Matthews. She was his college girlfriend, which was engaged in 2024. Earlier this year they announced that the marriage is close especially considering that they recently announced that a baby girl, named Sterling Skye Mahomes was born earlier in February. As of now, we are inclined to believe that the wedding ceremony is scheduled for 2024. Just enough time for Patrick to win another Super Bowl.

Other important people in his life are of course his parents and siblings. If you didn’t know, he is the son of former MLB pitcher Pat Mahomes Senior and Randi Mahomes. His parents are long divorced, but remain close relationship, mostly due to their son. His siblings include Jackson Mahomes, also from Pat and Randi, and Mia Randall, with whom he shares a mother. There’s not much to tell about Mia, but his brother is a star of his considering that he has 700 thousand followers on TikTok.

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Patrick Mahomes II Net Worth

Mahomes managed to win over quite a fortune in his short career. Things will be like that when you’re a first-round pick in an NFL draft and a QB at that. He also managed to play out of this world, so he earned not only the two trophies we mentioned above but also a massive extension. We are talking about $16.2 million for his first contract spread across four years, and a $10 million signing bonus. What followed after a few seasons was his massive ten-year deal worth $500 million. So, a half a billion contract, paired with what he already earned from his first contract and topped by his $40 million endorsement deals. Of course, his latest contract isn’t kicking in right now, so his net worth is quite lower than $500 million. It is closer to $30 million. But, as you can tell it can only go up.