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Canada Will Not Cover Insurance for Meghan and Harry

by Elsa Stringer

British media reports that the Royal family is worried about medical insurance of Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle. They must have insurance in Canada, but the country will allegedly not pay it for them.


Canada will pay bodyguards for the pair however. On Thursday, the police recovered evidence that taxpayers pay for a part Duke and Duchess’s insurance. In a couple of weeks, this payment will stop until the family finalizes their new insurance plan.


If they fail to do so, taxpayers are worried that the bill for the bodyguards and the safety of the former Royal couple will reach £20 million annually.

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In addition, Canadian Public Safety Minister Bill Blair said the Canadian taxpayers have been paying for Meghan and Harry since November of 2019, and that they would sot pint he coming weeks.


“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex choosing to relocate to Canada on a part-time basis presented our government with a unique and unprecedented set of circumstances. The RCMP has been engaged with officials in the U.K. from the very beginning regarding security considerations.”

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