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Business Continuity Planning – What You Need To Know?

by Jajce d Muckic

No matter what kind of a company it is that you own nowadays, chances are that you will be running into some problems every now and then. What makes a company successful is not the ability to completely avoid facing problems, but the ability to deal with them professionally instead.

Business planning, or sometimes also referred to as business continuity planning, is the process of planning ahead in order to have adequate recovery in case something unfortunate happens to the company, agency or organization.

The environment in which we are in changes constantly, so what separates a great company from a bad one is the ability to adapt to all changes, and withstand both economic, political and strategic blows, without giving up on its goals. This can be done by implementing business continuity planning, and today we’re explaining everything that you should know about it.


Think of it this way. You’re building a tower out of playing cards, but suddenly, one of the cards on the bottom falls. Now, this doesn’t really guarantee that your entire tower will crumble, but the chances will increase greatly. If you don’t know how to recover your tower from something like this, the next card that falls might make the situation fatal.

Business continuity is all about preventing these things from happening. If you run a company, an agency or even an organization, you probably already know that an employee that has an important role might quit any time, the market can completely flip during the night, another company can overtake your place and what not. If you’re not prepared for these things, they can make a big negative impact on your business, or in some cases, completely end it.


Nowadays, people that specialize in business continuity planning are highly valued in the corporate world, and there have been many cases where multi-billionaire companies were coming to an end, and then a BCP expert managed to save it with a certain strategy. According to Menark Technologies, any business that has success in mind should have a BCP Expert employed. Today’s corporate world is really cruel and thing such as cyber-attacks, negative speech from other influential companies and just overall competition are really common, so you need someone to have your back at all times.

What makes a good BCP Agent is the ability to have carefully planned strategies and plans in case the worst happens to your business. Just like we’ve mentioned earlier, in today’s corporate world, you can’t avoid all of the problems that are coming your way, but you can recover from all of them if you’re strategic enough.


Even some of the world-leading companies such as Apple and Microsoft are facing these kinds of unexpected problems all the time, and Apple losing their world-wide known CEO is just one of those examples. Depending on what type your business is, you might be requiring one, or a few BCP Experts.

Because problems also vary in their type, some can be economical and others can be IT-Related, you’ll need an adequate expert for each field. If you are someone that operates a business, we highly recommend that you look even further into business continuity planning.