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Hear Britney Spears’ Foot Snap and Break in Her Instagram Post

by Nebojša Vujinović

Britney Spears broke the metatarsal bone on her foot while doing what she loves the most. It was her first time dancing after six months, and dancing barefoot was probably her biggest mistake.

Image source: Instagram

This moment happened to be caught on film, and Britney chose to share the video with her fans.

“…. I know I’m barefoot …. don’t laugh but I grip the floor better that way !!!!” Britney captioned the video. She added, “PS you can hear where I broke my foot here….. sorry it’s kind of loud !!!!! ”

Earlier, Britney posted a video where she reads her fans’ letters, full of love, best wishes and support.

Some of her fans are concerned that she is not okay because of her messy hair, telling her to use a brush and commenting on her makeup characterized as too much.

You’ll recall the moment last week when Britney’s boyfriend, Sam Asghari, was the first to revealed what their urgent trip to the hospital looked like.

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He showed his love for Britney saying: “When you break something it tends to heal stronger specially when you’re my Girl”

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