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Bray Wyatt in the Shape of His Life – Getting Ready for The Rock?

by Nebojša Vujinović

Bray Wyatt was absent from the WWE for a while now. But, fans of famous wrestlers never sleep, so a fan spotted him, and asked for a photo. Bray accepted the invitation, and the photo quickly went viral. The reason is simple – Bray Wyatt is in the best shape of his life.

The photo was first shared by a Twitter account adeptly named Fiending For Followers. The photo we’re talking about is the one below this passage. We can’t be certain about the origins of the picture, but it would seem it was taken in a supermarket where a fan encountered the WWE fighter. The location is less important. What we should focus on is that Bray looks better than ever. It seems that he wasted a little time during his time away from the company. Instead, he worked his ass out and boasts an amazing physique right now.

After seeing this photo, fans can’t wait to see him back in action. As of now, his role on the WWE roster remains unknown. Some speculations claim that he could be pitted against no other than Dwayne The Rock Johnson at one of the upcoming WWE events. After all, they have a long-lasting feud dating back to 2016 Wrestlemania. The last time we saw him in action was four months ago when he dueled with Randy Orton.

The feud with Orton was in progress for more than five months. It was a nice feud, which had a build-up that kept the fans on their toes for months. Wrestlemania in April was where it reached the boiling point. It was a short bout that was also interrupted by Alexa Bliss who turned the tides of the duel in favor of Orton who RKO’d The Fiend. Raymond James Stadium was the place of a mystery where right after the match lights went out and Bliss and Wyatt were gone.

Source: sportskeeda.com

The next episode of RAW was when Bray Wyatt announced that he’s now ready for a new and fresh start. The Firefly Fun House was the place of his addressing, and it was the last time when anyone heard from him. At the moment it remains unknown when he’s set to return to the ring. His absence remains covered in a veil of mystery, and we can only hope that a return is going to be a grand one. He will most likely once again be pitted against Orton upon his return. But, we can remain naive, and still hope that a duel vs. The Rock is what expect us in the future of Bray Wyatt.