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Bradley Cooper Wears a Pink Hairband During a Walk With His Daughter

by Nebojša Vujinović

Superstar Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper, 45, was spotted during a walk on the streets a New York, alongside his daughter Lea De Seine Shayk Cooper, 3.

The father-daughter duo looked incredibly adorable as they were crossing the street. Cooper held the little one’s hand as they safely went over the crosswalk. They wore matching surgical masks to stay safe during the ongoing quarantine measures.

Source: Profimedia

Lea was wore an outfit that had different shades of pink. Her sweater was dark pink, while her skirt was several shades lighter. Her look also included a pair of two-tone pink shoes. Cooper wore a plain white T, dark jeans, brown shoes, and sunglasses. What caught the eye of fans and media was his pink hairband with a tiny bow, probably Lea’s.

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Source: Profimedia

Bradley Cooper had his daughter with his former partner, supermodel Irina Shayk, 34. The pair were together from 2015 to 2019, and Lea is their only child. They now have joint custody of her and are equally involved in her life.

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Source: cosmopolitan.com

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