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Tips on Proper Food Storage in the Fridge

by Edvard Berlusconi

The refrigerator was invented over a century and a half ago. And now this device is present in every kitchen. Without it, many products could not be preserved even for 24 hours. And that’s especially true for meat products and dairy products.

However, even though every family has a refrigerator, not everyone knows how to properly store food in it. More information can be found on cookingtopgear.

Often, ready-made dishes are simply put inside the fridge in the free place. And many people believe that if the product is in the refrigerator, it will never spoil.

This is, of course, a big misconception. Keeping food in the fridge is a whole science. Many nuances need to be remembered if you want to keep food inside the fridge for longer. It is these nuances and the rules of storing food in the fridge that will be covered below.

Why do products spoil?


First of all, it is worth debunking the myth that food in the refrigerator never spoils. The microorganisms that are the main culprits of spoilage can develop and multiply not only in warmth but also at low temperatures. However, in the latter case, their development and multiplication are a little slower.

Milk in the fridge will shed slowly. The meat will inevitably spoil gradually. And the fruit will wither after a while. Not only bacteria play a negative role, but also other factors. These are light and oxygen.

If the lighting in the fridge is not so intense and its negative impact is not too pronounced, the products inside have no protection against oxygen. Only tightly packaged products can prevent the negative effects of this gas.

Proper packaging is half the success


The packaging (in which the product is placed in the refrigerator) can not only protect against the negative effects of the ubiquitous oxygen but also prevent moisture loss. This is also very important. Food deprived of water quickly becomes unsuitable for consumption.

At the same time, the products, getting winded, lose their attractive, appetizing appearance. If a lot of moisture comes out of them, they will become dried and shrivel up. And first of all, this applies to the food that is stored in refrigerators equipped with the NoFrost function.

That’s why it’s important to stock up special containers that are designed for storing food in the fridge. In this case, it is better to choose such containers, on which you can set the date. You can’t make a mistake thinking about how long the product is stored and whether it can be eaten.

  1. In the package

Based on the above, it is best to store in the refrigerator those products that have not yet been unpacked since their purchase. However, they will also spoil. And to find out when this will happen, you need to pay attention to the expiration date and release date, which are indicated on the package.


  1. In cellophane

Not all products are sold in sealed packages. Many of them, for example, fresh vegetables or fruits, do not have packaging. Besides, if you want to save the product that has already been unpacked, you have to provide additional protection.

Many people use cellophane bags for this purpose. However, this packaging not only does not extend the shelf life of the product but contributes to its rapid deterioration on the contrary. The thing is that condensation quickly appears on the inside of the cellophane. And after that, the microorganisms will appear.

For them, even the smallest drop of water is a very favorable environment. Therefore, instead of using cellophane, it is better to stock up on other means of protection, including special containers.

  1. In the food wrap

Food wrap is well suited for food storage. It can be used to cover plates with ready-made dishes.

  1. In parchment paper

Parchment paper can also be used to store food in the fridge. This material is, of course, best suited for flour products. However, it can be used to pack cheese, sausages, and various smoked products.

  1. In wooden containers

You can use dishes made of wood to store food. Fruits and vegetables are particularly well preserved in these dishes. And the main advantage of wooden containers is their ecological purity. Certainly, they will not cause any harm to health, unlike some plastic of unknown quality.

  1. In plastic containers

Plastic containers are a real lifesaver when it is necessary to save fresh food. However, it is important to pay attention to the quality of this container. If it has any defects in the form of cracks or scratches, you should immediately throw it away. Such containers will not be able to perform their main function, and the product placed in them will quickly deteriorate.


  1. In a glass container

The most versatile dish should be considered the one that is made of glass. This material itself is safe (of course, if you handle it carefully and do not accidentally split it) and can preserve any products for a long time: whether it is the fruit, vegetables, meat, milk, or anything else.

  1. In vacuum packaging

Special vacuum packages will help protect food from the negative effects of oxygen. They are well sealed and therefore no gas can penetrate them.

  1. In the foil

Foil provides good protection from negative factors. It seals perfectly, thus preventing chapping and loss of moisture. It is best to wrap fish, cutlets, various cuts, ready-made snacks in foil.

Correct product placement

Choosing the appropriate container for the product is not the solution to the problem. The place where this container will be placed is also important. It is necessary to remember that many products are very capricious. And not everywhere in the refrigerator the same temperature is maintained.



You can’t just put the product in a free place. After all, it can be spoiled under the influence of products nearby. For example, raw meat should not be placed next to prepared dishes. Otherwise, a lot of harmful microbes will quickly appear the latter.

Also, you should not put fruits and vegetables next to each other. At a great distance from each other should be exotic fruits and sausages. Fresh food should not stand next to prepared dishes. Smoked meat should be placed away from any cheese. You can not allow the neighborhood of fish salads and fruits.



When thinking about where to place a particular product, keep in mind that the shelf located near the freezer will always be a little colder. Here the temperature is maintained around + 2 degrees, while the rest of the refrigerator is a couple of degrees warmer.

It is best to place fresh meat, fish, dairy products, cheese, eggs on the shelf next to the freezer. But on other shelves, where the temperature is about + 5 degrees, you can store sausages, ready meals, sweet pastries, salads, canned food.

Important! Salads can only be stored UN-seasoned. And open canned food from metal containers should be transferred to a glass container before storage.


Unfortunately, food can deteriorate even in the refrigerator. And to remain food usable for longer, you need to choose the appropriate packaging, as well as a suitable place in the refrigerator chamber.