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Cindy Crawford Goes Makeup And Mask Free During Grocery Shopping

by Nebojša Vujinović

Famous American actress Cindy Crawford, 54, went with for a casual and natural look during her latest grocery shopping trip in Los Angeles.

The Hollywood star opted for no makeup whatsoever, showcasing her stunning natural beauty. She looks absolutely beautiful and nowhere near her current age.

Source: Instagram.com

Crawford wore a white blouse, jeans, and brown sunglasses. What many noticed is the lack of any kind of protective gear. Wearing masks in mandatory in the state of California, meaning she could have gotten in trouble for it. In her arms, the actress carried two large white paper bags, full of groceries.

Source: Profimedia

Nobody knows why she did not wear a mask, considering the fact she recently reminded everyone about social distancing and protection. A week ago, she shared a photo in which she is wearing a very bright and colorful blouse, and a matching surgical mask.

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The post gained more than 54,000 likes and nearly 800 comments. In the caption, she advised her followers that they can always try to include the mask into their outfit for the day.

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