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Bradley Cooper And Anna Wintour Spotted Together

by Elsa Stringer

In their latest issue, magazine In Touch published an article with a headline „What’s Going On With Bradley & Anna?“, initiating that the two of them are more than friends.


They were seen at London’s Heathrow airport, and a certain eyewitness claimed that they had seemed at ease with each other, that it had looked like they were a couple. The source continued: „At first no one thought anything of it, probably because of the age difference. But now… I mean, why would they be flying together from London to New York?“


Many believed that Lady Gaga was the reason for Cooper’s split with model Irina Shayk, but the alleged insider told the magazine: „Wouldn’t it be funny if Gaga was just a red herring all along and Anna was the reason Bradley broke up with Irina?“

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In July 2019, Cooper and Wintour had a dinner together, which seemed suspicious to some people. Magazine’s another source claims that the two of them aren’t together yet, but they are headed to becoming a couple, adding: „Anna is 70, but she looks amazing. She’s the ultimate cougar. She’s smart and fearless and passionate about her work – that could be very attractive to Bradley. I’m sure she brings more to the conversation than Irina did.“


The Vogue editor-in-chief has been married to venture capitalist Shelby Brayn since 2004, but some people believe that is not something that should stop her from being with Cooper. One of the magazine’s sources said: „All the speculation must be very flattering for Anna. After all, who wouldn’t want to be linked to Bradley Cooper?“


The truth is that Cooper and Wintour have been friends for a long time now, even before Cooper’s relationship with Shayk. There’s nothing romantic going on between them.

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This is not the first time the magazine had false claims about the actor’s love life. In June 2019, they published an article claiming that Lady Gaga and Cooper are expecting a baby, and in September 2019, they wrote about Cooper and Angelina Jolie being an item.


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