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Dan Bilzerian Defends POTUS: Donald Trump Isn’t Lying!

by Sinisav

We live in a time of social networks. Thanks to them, or at least one of them, the Instagram, you probably heard about Dan Bilzerian. The super-rich playboy became famous because of his lavish lifestyle documented on Instagram. His life is all about money, parties, travel, girls, and the thing he loves the most – guns.

Considering the life he leads, you can already guess who he supports politically. It is Donald Trump, of course. They have a lot of in common, including money, beautiful women, and desire to allow people to own guns. While Bilzerian is not politically active, he states his opinion here and there. This time he decided to stand on Trump’s side publicly.

Dan Bilzerian

Source: instagram.com

Bilzerian is a famous Instagram person with almost 31 million followers. But, he didn’t endorse Trump on his profile. Instead he decided to comment on @worldstar post. The entertainment page Worldstar has 22.2 millions followers, so we can say Dan stood up for POTUS pretty publicly. This type of public support is exactly what Trump wants and needs.

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Yesterday, the @worldstar shared a photo of Donald Trump that had some of its tweets attached, the ones regarding fake news. The followers were asked to comment on their opinion on today’s media, and bogus news POTUS is talking about. Bilzerian was one of those who commented, stating that he agrees with Mr. Trump.

Dan Bilzerian

Source: instagram.com

The famous gambler wrote: “The news is complete bias nonsense, he ain’t lyin.”

This comment will sit well with Donald Trump as he’s yet to be acknowledged by the majority of famous people. POTUS is himself a celebrity and all he wants to be supported by the likes of himself, but he lacks this support. Hollywood and its establishment are against Trump, and almost all celebrities are trump critics.

This is precisely why Bilzerian’s comment will be cherished by Trump.