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Roadside Assistance With Sommer Ray In a See-Through Spandex Dress

by Sinisav

Sommer Ray will never have to worry about gaining new Instagram followers. As long she puts out amazing super-hot videos, that is. In her most recent Instagram post, she is filmed pushing a Lamborghini Aventador down the road all by herself.

That booty and those legs aren’t useful only for attracting men’s views. Hours she puts up every day into working out make her really strong. Not many girls could move a 1,575 kg beast of a car.

Sommer Ray

Source: instagram.com

What’s more impressive, is the outfit shes wearing. Sommer is pushing this Aventador in high heels and a skin-tight see-through black dress. In only 24 hours, she gathered 1.5 million views on her video.

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The clip is filmed on an empty street, as no one except Sommer and her Lamborghini can be seen. As she’s approaching the camera, the Instagram sensation can be seen rapping to a song, before showing off her perfect figure in a spandex skirt. On her feet, Sommer has super-high heels that fit perfectly with her dress.

The next move for Sommer Ray was to approach the named Lamborghini Aventador and start pushing it down the street. The camera follows them from behind, showing the perfect rear ends of both the vehicle and the girl.

This short film is probably a promo video as it had a caption that said: “Thanks @roadstarrmotorsports for my new workout equipment.”

The number of followers and promo’s on Sommer Ray’s Instagram page will undoubtedly keep on growing as with videos like this, she can captivate the viewers. At the moment, the Instagram sensation has almost 25 million followers. We sure are curious about the video she’ll definitely share when she pops the 25 million followers cherry.

Source: theblast.com