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Donald Trump Goes Too Far And Heavily Insults Nancy Pelosi!

by Sinisav

Nancy Pelosi is not satisfied with the way President Donald Trump went about coronavirus pandemic. The House Speaker claims that the lost lives that could be saved if the crisis was appropriately handled are on Trump’s soul. POTUS is not the one to stay silent on the accusations such as this, and in response, he called Pelosi, a “sick puppy.”

During an interview with Fox&Friends, Trump decided to share his opinion on the House Speaker: “She’s a sick puppy … that’s a terrible thing to say. My poll numbers are the highest they’ve ever been because of her.”

Donald Trump

Source: businessinsider.com

As of Monday, and according to John Hopkins University research, there are 143,000 people infected with COVID-19 in the United States. So far, 2.500 lost their lives due to this disease. The state, with the worst number of infected, is New York, with almost 60,000 people affected by the coronavirus.

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Since the coronavirus crisis escalated, Trump is dedicated to wage a war of words with his adversaries both from the Democrat party and from the media. His critics see this as his weak attempt to create a diversion that will hide his poor management of the ongoing crisis.

Instead of trying to do his job in the right way, POTUS is spending time accusing others of doing theirs poorly. One of those who didn’t want to remain silent to Trump’s baseless accusations is Bill de Blasio.

The mayor of New York City stated: “I find that insulting to our healthcare workers. I find it insensitive. What the president should be doing is praising our healthcare workers, not suggesting somehow they’re doing something wrong with the supplies that have been sent. That’s just insensitive, and it’s unhelpful.”

Source: theguardian.com