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Beyonce’s Fashion Disaster Made People Laugh out Loud

by Tracy Finke

Beyoncé, accompanied by her husband Jay Z, appeared on the red carpet for the Golden Globes Award Ceremony, and her styling did not go unnoticed this time around.

Although we are used to her always being impeccably styled, in this occasion it was not the case. Fashion experts have blacklisted her, and her styling has been declared a total fashion fail.

Image source: Instagram

This time, she couldn’t win over fashion critics or fans. Negative comments have started circulating on the Internet at the expense of her fashion taste, which has been questioned lately.

Beyoncé didn’t walk the red carpet, she managed to sneak into the Golden Globes. She managed to sneak in the least low-key dress.

The 38-year-old star chose for this event a long black dress that looks unfinished. The main detail on the creation is oversized gold sleeves.

The famous singer also shared a photo in which this outfit is paired with black see-through gloves above the elbow.

Image source: Instagram

“She seems to be missing the top of her dress,” one comment read, and another social media user wrote: “With so much money and designers around, she would have to look a lot better.”

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