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The Famous Model Claims Her 14-Year-Old Daughter Is Ugly and That She’ll Pay for Her Botox and Fillers!

by Tracy Finke

Former model Carla Bellucci shocked the public a few months ago when she stated that her daughter was not overly intelligent, so that she would not insist on her education, but that she would have to work on her appearance. The famous 38-year-old model has continued to raise controversy with absurd statements.

Carla recently pointed out that she passed onto her 14-year-old daughter the love of plastic surgery, which resulted in a teenage girl asking for Botox and lip fillers for Christmas.

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The model pointed out that she would fulfill Tanisha’s wish, but only when the teenage girl turns 16.

“I will always support her in whatever she wants to do. Tanisha doesn’t think she is ugly, but she wants to perfect what she has got. She always says that my plastic surgery is cool and looks good. I have inspired her, and I can’t help that. She has been exposed to it from a young age and has seen what I have had done”, said the attractive blonde.

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Bellucci also said that she thought it would be hypocritical not to meet her daughter’s demands.

“I have influenced her, and I know some people might think it’s a bad influence. But I don’t see it as bad, she is obsessed with plastic surgery, and that’s what she really wants. I can’t be a hypocrite and have to support her,” Carla noted.

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Since neither Botox nor lip fillers involve going under the knife, there are no age restrictions, so technically, Tanisha could make these cosmetic corrections when she is 16 years old.

Carla herself, however, was a little older when she started making aesthetic changes – she was 22 when she had breast augmentation, underwent anti-age treatments, put fillers in her mouth, and had nose surgery.

When Carla goes for Botox maintenance, Tanisha is usually making her company, and she looks at the whole process. They last visited the clinic in December, when this teenage girl pointed out that she looked up to her mother.

“It doesn’t scare me about changing my body, and I want to be like the Kardashians and Kylie Jenner. They are so popular and so famous, and I look up to people like them, and Cardi B. I am inspired by mum, and I want to look like her,” Tanisha said at the time.

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She added about her mother: “I like how she looks, it’s fine. I want to get something done when I turn 18.”

By the way, Carla Bellucci got under the spotlight when she admitted faking depression to get NHS funded nose job. The surgery cost £7,000. She faced backlash in October after her appearance on TV when she tried to defend herself for cheating NHS, which gave her a nose job for free.

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Beside Tanisha, Carla has two more children, 16-year-old Jermaine and 12-year-old Jayden.