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Barbra Streisand “Wholeheartedly” Endorses Joe Biden for President

by Tracy Finke

Famous Hollywood actress Barbra Streisand decided to endorse Democratic presidential candidate after watching the results of Tuesday night’s second Super Tuesday round.

Image source: wmagazine.com

The 77-year-old took to Twitter to announce her choice. “I wholeheartedly endorse Joe Biden for President”, her tweet read. She added: “Trump must be beaten in November before he does more damage to our democracy, environment, health, safety, and standing in the world”.

Barbra sparked a debate on this social media and made some of her fans very happy, and some of them felt disappointed and angry. She was also asked why she has chosen Joe Biden over Bernie Sanders. “This is a dark day Bernie Sanders is a light”, “Why not Bernie, Barbra?”, some of the tweets read.

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“When Trump goes, I will breathe a sigh of relief, and I am British”, one of her followers wrote. “Nooooo, my queen. So disappointed more of the same – fail”, the tweets read.