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Famous Plus-Size Model Hid Her Pregnancy While Posing in Lingerie

by Tracy Finke

Ashley Graham is currently the most popular plus-size model, and she gave birth to a son, Isaac, in January this year. She recalled one advertising campaign on her Instagram profile when she was pregnant.

Image source: Instagram

“Try hiding you’re four months pregnant on a lingerie shoot,” the model wrote in the caption of the photo.

Graham writes openly about her problems and experiences as a mother, and her fans regularly follow her stories with delight. She often posts photos with his son and finds out how she handles new situations.

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Image source: Instagram

Ashley and her husband, Justin Erwin, announced that they are expecting their first child in August last year, with a glittering social media post. Since then, she has become one of the first pregnant women to walk the runway, and on Halloween, she surprised everyone with Jessica Rabbit’s costume.

Image source: Instagram

“You look amazing”, one of her followers wrote, and another added: “Absolutely stunningly beautiful!”.

“Hide it?? Don’t be crazy. Firstly, let it all show. Secondly, you’ve nothing to hide anyway. You’re amazing! Love you”, one of the comments read.

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