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Adele Is Obsessed With Losing Weight

by Elsa Stringer

Although she is proudly showcasing her new look after an extreme weight loss of 45 kilograms, the media and public have been harsh on the famous pop star. Her fans are now saying she is obsessed with losing weight and that she is close to being anorexic.

“Since she has lost weight, her smile went away as well. She looks nothing like the old Adele,” said one fan in the comment section.


The singer Adele was snapped while she was leaving a fitness center. She seems to be getting skinnier by the day. Her iconic smile cannot be seen in the latest photos, which is why her biggest fans are worried.

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There are rumors that she has completely cut ties with candy in order not to gain back any weight. “Her skinny and pale face are enough to see her current health,” added another social media user.


We hope everything is all right with the singer and that she is enjoying her new life change.


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