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Adele Unveil A Secret Romance After The Divorce While Her Ex Distance Himself From Her Revealing Lyrics in “30”

by Mary McFarren

Adele just released her long anticipating album titled 30. This time, all fifteen tracks were inspired by her inner turmoil caused by divorce from Simon Konecki.

Recently, the songstress, who is now dating Rich Paul, talked to The Face revealing that she had one rebound relationship after separating from her ex-husband. “It wasn’t right, leaving a marriage and then dating a year after. Even if you feel ready, it’s a gaping, open wound whether you leave or you’re left”, Adele explained.


“I was unable to pretend that I wasn’t in my own storm… I couldn’t give myself properly. I couldn’t be consistent, and neither could he. I associate him with the breakdown of my marriage. So, therefore, he is part of the storm. And I was just, you know, really honest with him about it, thank God. Otherwise, I could’ve found myself in a situation being in a relationship I didn’t want to be in after coming out of one”, Adele said openly.

Source: People

The “Skyfall” singer divorced Konecki in 2019 and was secretive about her relationship status before coming out with her current boyfriend Rich Paul, 39. However, her new album will reveal a lot about her mental state as well as her way of coping with the ruins she was left in after the marriage failed.

New songs are emotional, and we expected nothing less from Adele. Still, she spiced up the album with the song “My Little Love” where her son Angelo is heard comforting his superstar mom. Surprisingly boldly exposing her private conversation with her 9-year old. She says ‘Tell me you love me”, to which Angelo replies, “I love you, one million percent. I feel like you like me too”.

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Adele can be heard further explaining her state of mind to Angelo: “You know Mummy doesn’t like anyone else as I like you, right? Mummy’s been having a lot of big feelings lately, I’m confused and I don’t know what I’m doing. I love your dad because he gave you to me…  I’ve had a bad day, I’m very anxious…I feel very paranoid, stressed, and I’m hungover which never helps. I feel like today is the first day since I left him that I actually feel lonely — and I never do. I just feel really lonely and frightened, and I’m worried I might feel like this a lot”.

Some lyrics were directly targeted at Simon Konecki. “Complacency is the worst trait to have, are you crazy? It is so sad a man like you could be so lazy…All you do is complain about decisions you make / How can I help lift you if you refuse to activate?”, Adele spilled her guts.

Source: People

Despite the moving lyrics, Simon is not happy that Adele is putting out their private matters out in the open. An inside source told “Mirror”: “Simon likes to be under the radar. He doesn’t attend big glamorous Hollywood events. He certainly doesn’t discuss his marriage at all with people. He has had to resign himself to the fact that she would talk. He knew the risks going in. This is the type of artist she is, she wears her heart on her sleeve. They have a very modern-day family dynamic. They’ve been adamant any personal tension should never come ahead of what’s best for Angelo”.

Fortunately, both have moved on. Adele is enjoying her romance with her new boyfriend that she met at a friend’s birthday party. Simon, on the other hand, remains private about his post-divorce relationships.