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5 Tips In Soccer Training For Players At All Levels

by Sinke Car

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world because it’s easy to play and compete. However, knowing how to play is different from performing well. People say “Hard work pays off”, or “no pain, no gain”. If you don’t take serious training and practicing, you can never be a great player.

If you really want to be a better player in soccer, then you are in the right place. This article will show you some tips to improve your skills in soccer training for players at all levels. I have been following these tips since I was a teenager before getting into school team to win a title in the league of town.

TIP #1: Protect the soccer ball

The very first exercise when you are coming to soccer is to protect your ball from the opponents. Use your body and your feet to control the ball. The opponents will try to take it from you legally by colliding and push hard by shoulders.


Remember to keep you between the ball and the defender, lower your body to shield the ball and make it hard to steal. Drag and roll the ball while bending your knee, turning your back into the defender. Try to practice with much pressure and high intensity to get more skillful and sustainable.

Let’s train with your strong foot first, handle the ball within the narrow space, and call your friend to act like an opponent. Then, change to the weak foot to practice the same exercise, but more pressure and difficulty. By this way, you can improve both your feet and become more skillful than you think.

Protecting the soccer ball is one of the essential moves that every player has to do in the game. Taking the ball from the other team is hard, but keeping it from them is more difficult. If you follow this tip in soccer training no matter you are beginners or professionals, you will become better and better.

TIP #2: Connect to each other

Because soccer is a team sport, not individual games, you have to perform like a team. Indeed, you are nothing without your teammates, and a team cannot perform well if players don’t connect to each other.


In every game, you have to communicate with your team, know the position of each other, and be aware of what they can do.

If a backward loses his position, call him back immediately. If a teammate has the best opportunity to shoot, give him the ball. If your team gets stuck in the idea, let the playmakers have the ball first. By connecting to each other, your team will be solid, well-understood, and play wonderful soccer naturally and smoothly.

However, it takes time for the players to get well with the new group. The best advice for players is to communicate well with teammates and find familiarity in the way of playing. This tip in soccer training for players at all levels can be applied in any situation.

TIP #3: Move the soccer ball quickly

As you may see that Barcelona is one of the best soccer teams in the world who is famous for short and quick passes. They hardly hold the ball for a long time and often make a quick decision. You see the ball moving continuously without stopping for a second. That is the art of playing soccer.


By this way, everyone has the ball, the sense, and the feeling of playing. That is a perfect solid group, in which every player knows and connects to each other. Playing the ball fast has some pros.

First, it allows you to play the ball proactively as the way you want. Second, the defenders cannot take your ball easily, while they spend much energy to chase your team. This reduces the stamina of your opponent and gives you more chances to approach near the goal. Finally, your team can deliver the ball quickly when there is a fast break.

Playing the ball quickly is always one of the best tips in soccer training for players. You should take this as an option for playing style because there are many ways to perform in this sport game.

TIP #4: Release the pressure

Have you ever found much pressured when facing two or three big guys in the opponent team? If yes, what did you do?


Releasing the pressure for you and your teammates in the game is often a wise choice. It gives you space for breathing, watching, and thinking before getting back to the match.

When you are about to face against two defenders in a side of the pitch, you can make a long pass to the other side. This is to create space, putting your teammate in a comfortable position as the opponents are attracted to your ball.

However, to make an accurate long pass, you have to practice more and more for a long time. This is a difficult technique requiring the serious training and high determination of the players, too. Now let’s go to the final tip in soccer training for all-level players.

TIP #5: Play soccer with experienced players

There is no better way to get improved quickly than playing with older and more experienced players in your town.


They will give you more tips, tricks, and exercises for practice that they have finalized based on their experience. They also help you fix your moves, give you advice and ideas to perform smarter and more efficiently.

It is about learning from better soccer players as people say “better learn your friends than your teachers”. This tip is for everyone in every case.


Above are the five simple tips in soccer training that can be applied at any level. These are also applied by lots of players and coaches in the world by their efficiency and simplicity. If you want to know more tips in soccer training, please comment below.

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