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4 Strategies That Will Help You Increase Your Vertical Jump

by Edvard Berlusconi

As you watch basketball players soar on the court, you might feel like that your ability to jump is something that you do not have. Shooting, hustle, and rebounding you can learn, but not jumping. However, that might be true if you are playing at the NBA level, but, the rest of us can do various exercises that will help us improve our vertical jump. These exercises will improve calf and leg muscles, which will create athletic benefits for you. In this article, you will be able to read about 4 exercises that will help you improve your vertical jump. Let’s take a look:

1. Jumping Rope


There are various health, as well as athletic benefits that come with jumping rope. It can improve your aerobic coordination and ability, burn some calories, and lower the chances that you will injure your ankles or feet. It can also improve your jumping ability. If you want to improve your vertical jump, you will need to strengthen your leg muscle and jump-roping is one of the exercises that work all the muscles at once, which makes it perfect for strengthening your legs.

2. Squats


There is various information on how to handle squats and it is often quite confusing, but here is some important information that you should know. A recent study suggested that deep squats where the top of your thigh is below your knee are better for your leg muscles, hence, you will be able to improve your leg muscle strength, as well as your jumping ability. You can also improve your squats by using while descending.

3. Plyometric Training


In recent years, plyometric training has become more and more popular. It emphasizes constant jumping as a way to improve the vertical leap ability and fast-twitch muscles. One popular exercise is the box jump, where a person would jump onto a box using a motion that is similar to jump squats. According to the experts from higherverticaljump.com, when performing a box jump, keep in mind that you should make sure that your feet (from the toes to the heel), land on the box and that they land safely. These exercises require you to have a lot of strength in your legs, hence, it is not recommended for beginner athletes. However, jumping exercise like the box jump and other plyometric exercises are a great example of how training to improve your vertical jump can improve your whole body, not just how high you can jump.

4. Jumping


Sometimes, the simplest exercises are the best. You can jump rope, squat, and do all the plyometric exercises that you want, however, sometimes the best way to exercise is to simply jump. An exercise of you jumping against the wall for ten minutes can do a lot of good for you. By jumping and measuring your jump, you can easily track how much you improved and you can also encourage yourself to keep exercising. And by doing jumping exercises, you can get used to that movement.


As you can see, these are some strategies that you can implement in your daily workout routine. These strategies will not only help you with improving your vertical jump, but they will also help with improving your overall performance, leg strength, and health.