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These 3 Zodiac Signs Can’t Stand Being in the Same Room!

by Tracy Finke

Three zodiac signs that cannot stand each other should avoid the same company.

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Astrology divides signs by their features and characteristics, so it can predict their compatibility or disagreement. But there is also a segment of complete imbalance between these signs. The conflict can immediately arise in some cases when these three signs are in the same room.


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Unique, innovative, a sign of the future, independent, and totally its own. Aquarius generally agrees with every sign of the horoscope, but few can understand them. Taurus is first in the line of the signs which don’t understand Aquarius’ ideas and lifestyle. The second is Aries.

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Although calm by nature and always tries to avoid conflicts, Taurus, when he gets in contact with Aquarius, can explode. If Aries joins this situation, conflict can escalate unbelievably.


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Intrusive, ambitious, and always first, they will not understand the sluggish and lazy Taurus, much less the crazy and impractical Aquarius.

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