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20 Celebrities Who Would Make an Ideal Choice For a President

by Nebojša Vujinović

We already had a celebrity as a president, you could argue. But, it was a wrong choice, if you’ll allow us to have an opinion. Even the reigning president isn’t an ideal choice according to many. Maybe we had enough of politicians running our country. The change is needed, and we believe that some people from the public area of life would do a good job. Below you have our list of twenty perfect candidates for the US president. Check them out.

Tom Hanks

A great actor and even a better person. He’s mature enough and showed signs of being an honest trustworthy human. All we need in a president. A man who can play both Forest Gump and Captain Phillips is an ideal choice.

Source: bbc.com

Morgan Freeman

Is there even a need to explain this choice? If nothing else, his voice could be the sole reason for our choice. Yes, he’s 84-years old, but you can’t convince us otherwise.

Source: deadline.com

Keanu Reeves

Keanu is a good soul and an impeccable actor. With his calm personality, and kind demeanor he would be the perfect head of any state. Yes, he wasn’t born on US soil, but we would allow him to run anyway.

Source: indiewire.com

Chuck Norris

A man who could end all wars with one word – stop! You probably heard all jokes about him, but he’s a man you can rely on. Just imagine his rallies. Also, he’s in advanced age, but he still has a lot left in his tank.

Source: today.com

Clint Eastwood

Another great man reached the pinnacle of the movie industry a long time ago. We’re sure he isn’t even considering this position, but the role of the president would suit him perfectly.

Source: parade.com

Samuel L. Jackson

Say elections one more time I dare you! Jackson would be a good choice for the leading role of any country. America is no different. He was even born in Washington, so a return to the capital could be in the cards for him. With 72 years behind him, he has all the needed experience.

Source: bbc.com

Bill Gates

A synonym for success, Gates is a candidate everyone could stand behind. But, we’re sure he has bigger things on his mind. He’s 66-years old, and if he wants to be president the next elections would be a perfect opportunity.

Source: time.com

Dwayne Johnson

Now here’s a man who thought about the idea. Yes, you heard it already, Dwayne is thinking about it. The Rock is now busy with various acting projects, but we’re sure when it’s all said and done, he’ll try to run for the head of state.

Source: digitalspy.com

Denzel Washington

Denzel is 66-year old, and in recent times he isn’t as busy in Hollywood as he once was. His calm demeanor is precisely what this country needs. He has that Barack Obama vibe to him, and the White House would welcome a president like him.

Source: indianexpress.com

Harrison Ford

Now, here’s a man who found himself in the role of a president before. Yes, he was just acting in Air Force One, but the role suited him perfectly. He has the age and experience to run for the office.

Source: variety.com

Oprah Winfrey

Here’s another celebrity that gave this idea a thought. Oprah would have massive support if she ran. We can say that we hope she will eventually, as she fits the bill perfectly. With 67 years behind her and a career in the eye of the public, she would get the grasp of the presidency quickly.

Source: forbes.com

Danny DeVito

Isn’t he the perfect candidate? Yes, you could argue he doesn’t have the looks, or that Danny is too old and too relaxed. But, isn’t that what our country needs? To be relaxed, even for one term. If Danny decides to run, he has my vote, that much is for sure.

Source: nbcnews.com

Chris Pratt

Pratt is another person who is not looking like the role, but he could do it better than some of the presidents we had. He’s still young, but with time, he could grow into what president is. He has the charisma and the willpower. All that is left is for him to set his mind to it.

Source: cnn.com

Judge Judy

With the public role she holds, Judy is the ideal candidate. People already love her and respect her. We’re not sure she’s planning to replace her act as the judge with the presidential one, but she could, and she would do well.

Source: variety.com

Peyton Manning

Manning is a man who showed us more than once that he can lead. Yes, he proved it on the gridiron, where he led every offense he had with perfection. A perfect example of a vocal leader who also leads with his actions. It is the type of president we need. Peyton had an amazing career as an athlete and he could have one as a politician if he decides so.

Source: oregonlive.com

John Cena

This is a simple one. If Dwayne Johnson could do it, so could Cena. John has years of experience working in the entertainment industry, and he knows how to elevate the amasses. His rallies would be must-watch TV.

Source: theguardian.com

Jay Leno

An experienced TV host would be a thrill to watch at press conferences. He has the age, he has the demeanor, all that’s left is to move in this direction. We can’t say if this would happen. But, Leno has what it takes. After all, he interviewed many of our former presidents. He knows what it takes.

Source: variety.com

Ben Stiller

Another comedian that fits the bill. Ben is at the ripe age of 55 and should pursue a career in politics immediately. Yes, we know, he has so much to give to the film industry, but he also showed signs of maturity that comes with the position. We would argue to the death that he is a fine choice as anyone else on this list.

Source: pagesix.com

Jim Parsons

No, he’s not on this list because we think he’s a genius. We can tell the difference between the roles an actor plays and real life. But, we’re sure Parsons has enough poise and intellect to do an amazing job as the president. He would be an air of freshens in the US politics we’ve been waiting for years.

Source: thejakartapost.com

Neil Patrick Harris

Please! Jokes aside, he has everything it takes. Life experience, age, looks, and everything else. Plus, he looks amazing in suits. Yes, here we are once again making no difference between roles and real life, but sue us. Neil would make a perfect president.

Source: variety.com