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Why Canada is Such an Awesome Country

by Edvard Berlusconi

Who would not expect amazing things from the world’s second-biggest landmass? Canada is a nation hoarding natural beauty, prosperity, and curling talent to serve a population that is a hundred times its size. However, Canada is so much more than good roads, respected banks, and horseback riding.

It is a country that can truly brag about all the good stuff that sets it apart from the rest of the world. In this article, you will be able to learn why Canada is an awesome country to live in and to visit. Let’s take a look:

1. The Food


Canada’s cuisine basically reflects its population diversity – with everything from Jewish-inspired bagels to amazing Asian food, and smoked meat sandwiches. At the same time, young chefs all over the country are leading a revolution, championing locally-sourced, reinterpreting traditional meals, seasonal cooking, with global methods for an exciting and fresh twist.

2. The Music

Canada is proud of its older rockers like the band Rush and Neil Young, but its new wave offers people something new and fresh – and we are not talking about Justin Bieber. Dance your feet off as powwow chants meet hip-hop, with indigenous electro combination A Tribe Called Red, dance all night to Toronto’s R&B powerhouses, The Weeknd and Drake, or attend one of many festivals in Canada.

3. The Aboriginal Culture


According to the experts from e-Visa Express, Canada’s indigenous people all have different traditions, histories, and art. From one coast to another, you can take part in breathtaking experiences, discover how these people remain connected to nature and the spiritual world but at the same time thrive in the modern age.

4. Their Sense of Humor

Maybe it is growing up in a country whose national animal is a beaver, but Canadians have a great sense of humor and they know what sarcasm and irony are. Jim Carrey, Mike Myers, Seth Rogan, Samantha Bee, Catherine O’Hara, Eugene Levy – they are all Canadian and all quite hilarious.

5. The Architecture


Canada’s modern architecture is almost as impressive as its natural beauty. From the Frank Gehry designed curves of the Art Gallery in Ontario, and the sky-high CN Tower to sustainable designs of an aboriginal architect Douglas Cardinal, and the mesmerizing Canadian Museum for Human Right in Winnipeg.

6. A Warm Welcome

Canada is the most polite country that you will ever visit. A nation that loves apologizing as much as they love watching ice hockey, the warm Canadian welcome is as natural as the silence during a Tube journey.

7. Nature, A Lot of Nature


You cannot think about Canada without thinking about its breathtaking natural beauty. However, while most people think of its snowy mountains and Instagrammable glacial lakes, Canada also has a desert. In Osoyoos (British Columbia), you will find the rattlesnakes and cacti of your wild west dreams along with a lot of perfect vineyards.


As you can see, Canada is probably one of the best countries to live in, as well to visit at least once in your lifetime. The people are beyond polite, its nature is stunning, and the food is amazing and will certainly leave your taste buds craving for more.