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Secretive Billionaires to Lend Private Jets to Rescue Thomas Cook Passengers?

by Edvard Berlusconi

The collapse of Thomas Cook has stranded 150,000 passengers in different regions of the world. A huge repatriation plan is currently in place after the company has ceased trading with immediate effect.

The collapse of the world’s oldest tour operator has had global repercussions, not only with hundreds of thousands of holidaymakers being stranded but also over 21,000 of its workers losing their jobs along with suppliers that include holiday resorts, its airline subsidiaries, and many others.

After failed weekend talks with its lenders, shareholders, and the UK government, the 178-year-old firm had to abruptly cease its operations earlier in the week.

According to the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), UK’s oldest tour operator has “ceased trading with immediate effect”. With Operation Matterhorn in full swing to rescue stranded passengers, rumor has it that a group of secretive billionaires is looking to lend their private planes to help with the ongoing rescue operations.


The said group of secretive billionaires include Amancio Ortega, James Richman, François-Henri Pinault, Carlos Slim, and many others. Since these billionaires are known for their reclusive nature, there isn’t much information available on their covert efforts. It may also be noted that Ortega, in particular, has given only a handful of interviews throughout his successful career as Zara founder.

Private jets owned by Ortega and other members of the reclusive billionaire’s group include Global Express BD-700 and Gulfstream G550s. Since private jets have less number of seats as they are more to do with luxury and comfort, the passenger seats often vary and can accommodate from 14-150.

So these jets may be able to rescue from 14 to 150 passengers per trip, and it will take multiple numbers of trips to rescue such a large number of passengers.

It is estimated that it will take about at least 1,000 private jet trips to save all Thomas Cook stranded passengers.

According to sources close to the matter, due to such a large number of passengers that needed to be rescued these billionaires have decided that the emergency cases will be prioritized.

There are several reports of emergency cases in which passengers need to reach home due to health issues.

Despite feeling betrayed by the world’s oldest tour operator and being denied any immediate help by the relevant authorities, the stranded passengers are likely to find help and be rescued with the help of these group of secretive billionaires.