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Top 5 Modern Inventions

by William Gist

Evolution in technology in the current era is much quicker when compared to the last three or four decades. We came across some amazing and remarkable inventions. Not only did these technological inventions made our human lives easier they have also become integrated as a part of our basic needs. Connecting to one another has become very convenient and efficient. Today we build the world around these inventions.

From children to elders, everyone loves to use these innovations. And a lot more are on their way to amaze us. Imagine all the changes we have traveled through. Black and white television has evolved into an LED TV then into 3D and now in 4k picture quality which is about 16 times more than what the standard was 10 years ago. There are TVs today that have 8k picture quality which means that our technological development is not slowing down at all.

To point out which technological inventions are the best is pretty difficult. We have a lot more amazing innovations in just a few years than we have seen in the last few centuries. If you are interested in what are the best inventions of the 21st century, make sure you keep reading until the end of our list.

1. Global Positioning System or GPS


The idea of the GPS first showed up in 1974. The US Department of Defence developed this system to overcome the limitations of the old navigation systems. GPS identifies the geolocation of its receiver using the satellites in space. The use of GPS is wide-spread even from Astronomy to Agriculture.

Credit for the invention of the Global Positioning System goes to Ivan Bradford Parkinson of the Applied Physics Laboratory, Roger L. Easton of the Naval Research Laboratory and Ivan Getting of the Aerospace Corporation.

2. Social Networks


Modern social networking started with webpages like Myspace, Hi5, Friendster, and others. Even though the success of these websites was short-lived, this amazing idea changed the life of everyone on the planet. We are all connected with each other because of social networks.

Today platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook have taken social networking to another level.

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3. Touch Screen


The touch screen is probably one of the most used inventions of the last two decades.

Laptops, tablets, printers, desktops, mobiles, info kiosks or in other words, almost any type of electronic device probably has a touch screen now. The touch screen changed how the industries handles website and app design.

4. Mobile OS


iOS and Android are now the two biggest mobile operating systems that are spread throughout the whole world. These operating systems reached their peak and for a good reason. They both come with Application stores where there are thousands of apps available from games to document editing apps to video editing apps and much more.

5. YouTube


The invention of YouTube was revolutionary. Everything you captured on a video you could share it with everyone in the world. Anyone can be a part of your audience. All you need is just an account so you could store all the important events of your life.