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Who’s Paying For Melania Trump’s Expensive Designer Clothes?

by Sinisav

EXPRESS – 04/24/2020: Melania Trump made an appearance at White House with her husband Donald Trump, looking as good as ever. Her outfit consisted of high heel shoes and a designer coat. This begs the question, who pays for her expensive branded clothes?

During the last few weeks, Melania was staying at home as the guidelines from the CDC and her husband’s administration suggested so. After all, we have an ongoing pandemic. But, during the Earth Day, the First Lady was seen in public with her husband, Donald Trump.

Melania Trump

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The pair was on the White House lawn for a ceremony of tree planting. Melania was sporting an olive trench coat, which fit perfectly for the occasion. The tie belt around her waist really did wonders to apostrophe her figure.

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The length of the coat was perfect, as it ended just below her knees, staying classy but also showing off her perfect legs. Her feet were in a pair of black and white high heel shoes colored in a zig-zag pattern. The coat in question is from Victoria Beckham’s collection, and it’s priced at $1.500.

In another appearance, this time on social media, Melania was filmed in a $365 Kelly green shirt branded by Cefinn for her Instagram video. As you can tell, Melania doesn’t shy from spending big bucks on branded clothes. Just during 2019, the First Lady spent $240,000 on her outfits. The sum might even be more significant as some of her pieces weren’t identified, and so they weren’t tagged with a price.

Because of this, the question arose who pays for Melania Trump’s clothes? People of America were worried that taxpayers’ money is paying for them. But this is not true. The First Lady is paying for all of her clothes out of her pocket. Melania has a net worth of $50 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, and she can afford them. Furthermore, the First Ladies of the United States are allowed to accept discounts for clothing.

Also, we shouldn’t forget that some brands might be offering her free cloths as a means of advertising.

Source: express.co.uk